Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Beautiful Dartmoor

Dear Arik,

I had a lovely long walk early this morning at one of my favourite places. It's on the moors. Its proper name is Dartmoor, near a place called Yelverton, but Daddy calls it Long Ash because there's a small garden centre with the same name nearby.

It's where Mummy wanted to take you and Auntie Sara for a walk together.

The scenery is stunning. Even I stop and look around me, and because it's so open, the sky seems to go on forever. I like to look up at the lovely blue colour and watch the fluffy clouds puff across the sky. Mummy does too.

But then I get distracted because there's so many different smells to sniff. I can't wait until you come back and we can go together, you'll be so excited.

We walked for miles along the soft springy moorland grass, which felt so nice under my feet. It wasn't too hot either because we got there early, and we almost had the whole of the moors to ourselves.

Mummy said if there hadn't been any sheep and horse poo around, she'd have taken her shoes off and walked along barefoot, to get a good grounding, whatever that means.

She said we can go once a week as she loves walking there and misses it. We used to go there a lot when we lived in the other house, but it's further away now. It's kind of near the vets where you and Daddy took me and went in the cafe nearby, do you remember?

Afterwards we stopped at Morrisons, and while Mummy did the shopping, I stood outside with Daddy and lots of people spoke to me.

After all that fresh air and exercise, I'm exhausted, so I'm having a snooze now - Zzzzz.

Here's some photos.

Love and licks, Cherry xxx

Monday, 30 May 2016

It's Summer!

Dear Arik,

Looks like summer is finally here!

It was a lovely day yesterday, and is already warm this morning.

I went for a nice longish walk yesterday morning, up to Benny's Cross and down to the little river where we found the slate when you were here, do you remember?

Then Mummy took me out early evening when it was cooler, up to the farm.

It was so nice to go for a proper walk again, and be able to catch up on all the sniffs.

During the day, Daddy opened up the motorhome, and I sneaked in to lie on the sofa where it was nice and cool. Mummy came in with me and sat reading. It was lovely.

I'm glad your Mummy isn't going to be working so much anymore, you must have been sad not being able to spend time with her.

Have a nice week,

Love and licks, Cherry xx

Sunday, 29 May 2016

I've got my Mummy back!

Dear Cherry

I had a lovely long walk with Mummy this evening.  Seems like ages since we've had this much time together.  I know she's been doing overtime to make sure she can buy my food, treats and toys as well as pay for a special treat for herself, but I've missed her so much.

We walked along the revetment between Shanklin and Sandown, and back again.  Daddy timed us and we were walking for an hour and twenty minutes.  We saw lots of people who were enjoying the beach and I met some friendly dogs including my old friend Alfie.  Alfie is a massive white dog, a Great Pyrenees my Mummy says, and he towers over me.  He's more like a small pony.  But he's such a gentle giant, we always have a good chat and a sniff when we meet.

After we got home Mummy gave me one of my Bully Snouts she bought from one of the garden centres we went to together.  It was really yummy and will see me through till breakfast tomorrow morning.

Even though Mummy is working overtime tomorrow, it's her last day of extra work, and we are both looking forward to getting back to our normal weekly routine.  The weather is really hotting up now, it's already too hot for me to go out during the day, so I'm looking forward to lazy days indoors and long cool evening walks with Mummy after the sun has started to set.

Well I'm off to bed now.  I'll be dreaming of my walk this evening and Mummy's kind voice telling me I'm her "Good Boy".

Love & Licks
Arik  xxx

Friday, 27 May 2016

Good News!

Dear Cousin Arik,

We've just got back from the vets, and guess what?

My foot is much better. Woohoo! The nice vet man said I can do all my normal things now. So I'm okay to go on my walkies again, and I don't have to wear that horrible muzzle at night anymore. 

I hated wearing that, it reminded me of before I came to live with Mummy and Daddy. Mummy explained that it was for my own good, to help my foot heal, but I was still sad having to wear it, and kept trying to scrape it off. At least I'll have a decent night's sleep from now on.

The vet man said it'll probably be okay now if I lick my foot, so I don't even need to wear a sock anymore. Mummy just has to wash my foot if I go out walking in mud, but as you know, they wash my feet after a walk anyway.

And I have some more news. Guess what, Arik?

I've already lost a kilo in weight.

Mummy said I was looking slimmer, so Daddy weighed me. They were both very pleased that I've lost weight.

I'm not too happy with less food though, I miss my treats, but if it makes me healthier, I guess it's a good thing.

I've just had my din dins, and I'm now snoozing on the bed,

Write back soon with your news.

Love and licks, Cherry xxx

Friday, 20 May 2016

Dear Arik,

Sounds like you had a lovely time out walking, I wish I could go for a nice walk too.

My paw still hurts, and now it's all gunky, so Mummy is afraid I might have an infection, and it might mean another trip to the vet.

Daddy thinks it's because it's covered all the time and that it should be left open to dry up, so they've taken the sock off while I'm indoors. They're going to leave it open all night too, and hope I don't lick it.
I've been licking my sock a lot during the night and soaking it, which has made my poorly toe wet, and they've had to get up several times to change the sock for a dry one. I feel bad for disturbing their sleep, but I can't help it.

I'll try not to lick my foot tonight, but if it hurts or irritates me, I might have to.

Sigh, will it ever be better? I'm getting rather fed up now, and just wish it was healed up so I can start going on my walks again.

Poor Mummy is frustrated because she doesn't know what to do for the best. Cover it and it's not having a chance to dry up, leave it open and I lick it anyway.

I hope it'll be healed up soon.

Love, Cherry xxx

Leafy walks

Dear Cherry

Mummy is working a split-shift today.  She got up early to give me my breakfast, then went to work for an 8am to 12pm overtime shift.  Then she's working her normal 5pm to10pm shift tonight.  She's going to be really tired when she gets home.

As she's such a good, kind Mummy though, she still took me for a good walk this afternoon.  She took me down this really leafy path that's full of May Blossom and other interesting things to sniff.  The weather is really warming up now.  It won't be long until it's too hot for me to go out during the day.   However our walk today was lovely and cool under the shade of the trees and the earth was wonderfully soft under my paws.

I didn't mean to stick my tongue out at Mummy when she took this photo.  It just sorta happened that way.  She still gave me a tripe stick treat when we got home though so I'm sure she's forgiven me already.

Hope your paw is getting better.  Mummy is still sending you reiki.

Love & Licks
Arik xxx

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

New beds for me to choose from!

Dear Cherry,

It was a very exciting day today, we had a new bed delivered for in the Guest Room! 

Now the guest room has a new 4ft small double and a single in it, as opposed to just two singles.  Then Daddy put the spare single bed in his old office, making a second guest room.

It means I now have 4 comfy beds, 3 bedrooms, my basket in my den under the stairs, my thick memory foam mattress in the conservatory, a sofa and an arm chair!  Am I a lucky hound or what??

Then on the way home from the shops today, a white van man crashed into Daddy's car.  That wasn't so much fun.  Just a dent in the side at the back near the back wheel, but Mummy and Daddy still got out the car and asked the van man for his insurance details.  I was fine.  It wasn't a hard bump, but enough to make a dent.  They were cross as we weren't moving at the time and because the traffic was bad, Daddy couldn't move out the way.  Mummy saw the van moving and had just said "He's going to hit us!" when the bump happened.  Silly man didn't check his mirrors before he decided to try to reverse back up a driveway!

Anyway we are home again now.  I've had my dinner and thought I'd tell you about my day before I have a snooze.  Now ... which bed should I sleep on I wonder ...

Love & Licks
Arik  xxx

My Right Foot...

Dear auntie Sara and cousin Arik,

Look at my poorly foot! 

Daddy took my sock off while I'm lying on the sofa, to let some air get to it. I still flinch whenever he or Mummy touch it, because I'm afraid it's going to hurt lots.

I'll be so glad when it's all better and I can go for proper walks.

Mummy just said you're coming back for a few days, and that it's 91 sleeps. Yay, I hope we are all fit and well, so we can do the walks we couldn't this time.

Mummy has cut my food down, and stopped my treats, and I'm so hungry. Life isn't much fun for me at the moment - a bad foot and not much food :( - but Mummy says I'll benefit in the long run and I can start having the occasional treat when I've lost some weight.

I'm going to have a snooze now, bye bye.

Love and licks, Cherry xxx

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Zoomies on the beach!

Dear Cherry

I did zoomies on my favourite beach today!  I zoomed, I swerved, I darted, I ran, I trotted, I sniffed, then I zoomed again!

I was chasing an empty crisp packet at one point, but then Mummy saw me pull up and lift my paw.   I was very brave.  I didn't do any GSOD, just stood still and waited for Mummy to come to me.  I tried to walk towards her but I had to limp.  I had cut my paw on a sharp stone.  We were at the far end of the beach with no-one else around to help.  Mummy put me back on my lead and walked me slowly to the sea where she washed my paw.  The water was chilly but very soothing so we walked slowly back in the shallows.

Once we'd got back to the car, Mummy washed my paw with water from one of the bottles she had with her.  She gave me a chicken foot and I jumped into the back of the car and sat down to eat it.

My paw is fine now.  Just a graze.  Mummy did say something like "You're getting as bad as Cherry" but I don't know what she meant by that.   Do you?

Love & Licks
Arik  xx

Disturbed Night

Dear Arik,
I feel a bit sad because I had Mummy and Daddy up four times in the night, last night.

I kept licking the sock that was on my poorly foot, until it was soaking wet. I couldn't help it, I was trying to lick my poorly toe, but couldn't get the sock off first.

Four times Mummy changed it, and each time I licked it until it was soaked. In the end, Mummy put more of that purple bandage stuff on, with another sock over the top and then my boot.

Daddy says I'll have to wear my muzzle tonight, because if not they'll run out of socks to put on me. Mummy is yawning a lot this morning, they didn't get much sleep, and I feel bad now.

Mummy said I couldn't help it, it must be horrible having a poorly foot, and only another week to go then I don't have to wear anything. I'll be so glad to get my foot unwrapped, but I must try not to race around like I used to, I don't want to injure myself again.

Hope you have a good day, I'm going for a walk later, yippee!

Love and licks, Cherry xxx

Monday, 16 May 2016

Road works!

Dear Cherry,

Mummy and I haven't done much today.

She pottered around the house and I followed her about.  I just love being with Mummy, and she always praises me, tells me I'm a good boy and tells me I'm being helpful which is lovely to hear.

She played with the dragonflies she bought in that big shop she went in with your Mummy.  However she says she will need to trim the shrubs by our front door to get them to sit right as at the moment the shrubs are too tall and when Mummy puts the dragonflies through the foliage they disappear beneath the leaves before the stick they are perched on reaches the ground.  So she's going to trim the shrubs to make them shorter or something.  I don't really understand but she knows how she wants it to look so I'm sure she'll fix it.

Do you remember us saying we were going to miss a lot of road works in our village by being with you last week?  Well the work isn't finished!  Still a few more days to go.

Mummy and I took a walk around the village this evening and she stopped to chat to the workmen to ask how much longer the work was going to take and how noisy it would be during the night.  Apparently tomorrow is going to be the worst night for us as they are breaking up and removing the old tarmac of the road that runs parallel with our cul de sac.  We were told that the heavy machinery they use to break up the old road causes severe vibrations and houses have been known to shake because of it!  Mummy thinks we are far enough away from the main road not to feel it much though, so hopefully we won't feel like we're in the middle of an earthquake all night long.

I cuddled up with Mummy on her bed all night long last night.  I just love it when she holds me close.  It makes me feel very safe.  I'm sure she'll do the same tomorrow if the road works scare me.

Love & Licks
Arik  xx

Vet Visit...again!

Dear Cousin Arik,

I've just come back from seeing Peter the vet. 

Thank paws I've finally got that bandage and padding off, but I screamed and screamed when he removed the last bit and cleaned my foot. Daddy was holding me, and Mummy was standing in front, and I scared the life out of her when I screamed, but I couldn't help it.

Peter said he wasn't even touching my bad toe, he was cleaning the one beside it, so I was screaming in anticipation, just in case it was going to hurt!

I've now got to wear a sock on my foot for a week, to make sure it doesn't get anything in it, and after that, it should be okay.

I'm allowed to go for walks again - not too far - as long as I wear my boot.

It feels so nice to have that bandage off, but I'm scared I might knock it now. When we got home, I was afraid to jump out of the boot, so Daddy had to lift me down. He says I'll be a lot easier to carry when I've lost weight!

I'm lying on the bed, feeling sorry for myself because my foot hurts a bit. Mummy put my boot on and I squealed, so she gave me a pig's ear, which was yummy. I think I'll just lie here now and have a snooze...zzzzz.

Love and licks, Cherry xxx

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Nearly home!

Dear Cousin Cherry

Here I am at Mayflower Park next to the ferry terminal,  waiting for the big floaty thing to carry us across the sea to the Isle of Wight.

We had a very pleasant drive from your house and Mummy was really comfortable with the journey and doing all the driving.  She said it was easier this time as she wasn't busy looking out for wind turbines!

We stopped along the way for some dinner.  Mummy had a large chicken roll with a coffee. I had my kibble with the Applaws tinned mackerel.  Mummy says her car is going to smell of fish tomorrow.

I really enjoyed my holiday at your house and miss you already.  I promise to come back soon!

Love & Licks
Arik  xx

p.s  I found a half eaten sausage in this park but Mummy pulled it out of my mouth snd threw it away.  She said it looked like it had onion and herbs in it.

It's oh so quiet!

Cousin Arik, auntie Sara and uncle David have left now, and the house is all quiet again :(

It was a bit strange having them here as I'm not used to other people and another dog in my house, but it was lovely to see them - even if I couldn't go on walks with them - and I enjoyed lying in the sun with my older cousin. I'm going to miss them.

Hey, Arik, I bet you'll be pleased to sleep on your sofa tonight, and get back to the familiarity of your own house and routine!

Mummy says you might come back in September, I hope so as I had so many lovely walks I wanted to show you. Burrator Reservoir is Mummy's favourite place in the whole world, I like going out on the moors and seeing the sheep and horses, and there's a nice walk called The Granite Way, along a disused railway at a place called Sourton. So, I hope you'll come back so we can do those.

Here's a photo of us lying in the sun to remind you of your visit.

Love and licks, Cherry xx

Humph .....

I'm sulking because it's my last day with Cherry today.  Actually it's more like a last morning as Mummy says we have to leave at 3pm to do the long drive back to Southampton to catch our 9pm ferry back to the Isle of Wight.  We probably won't get home to our own house and beds till 11pm.  It's going to be a long day, so I'm getting my snoozes in now (although I'll probably sleep in the back of Mummy's car like I did on the way here)

Love & Licks,
Arik  xxx

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Last night.

Well, it's cousin Arik, auntie Sara and uncle David's last night here.
I'm sad, I'll really miss them when they're gone.
But at least we can keep in touch now via this blog.

We had our din dins tonight, then shared the rest of a yoghurt pot. Yum yum, I like yoghurt. Mummy doesn't let me have it often because she says it gives me the squits...I don't know what that is though.

I'm now snoozing on Mummy and Daddy's bed, and Arik is on the sofa with Daddy and auntie Sara.

Night night, catch you all later. Zzzzzzz

Road trip to Glastonbury

Yesterday Cherry and I went for a looooong drive in a camper van to Glastonbury.
I'd never been for a ride in a big van before, only from my trainers kennels to the race track but I travelled in a cage for those journeys so it doesn't count.

The camper van was like a mini house on wheels with big sofas in the back that can be made into a bed, a food room and a bathroom.  At first it was very confusing as I didn't know where to sit. Should I lay on the floor?  Do I stand up?  In the end Mummy lifted me up onto one of the sofas and sat next to me.  But that seemed wrong, because if Mummy is sat next to me, who's driving?!

I enjoyed the ride once I sat down and started looking out the big windows at the scenery.  It was good to have Mummy next to me as she made sure I didn't slide off the seat.  Cherry just laid down on her side and went to sleep, but then she's used to trips out in the van.

Once we got to Glastonbury we had a walk around the high street and a look in all the shops.  Glastonbury is very dog friendly and we got lots of attention from shop-keepers and members of the public who thought we were very fine indeed.  I loved going in the shops with all the interesting sights and smells but I'm a very good boy and don't go for a wee indoors.   I went in one crystal shop with my Mummy but the shop owners dog snarled at me so Cherry' s Mummy took me outside to keep me safe and protected.

I was much better in the van on the way home as I knew what to expect and I hope to go out in the van again when Mummy brings me back to the countryside for another visit.

Love & Licks
Arik  xx

What a Week!

My cousin Arik his mummy Sara and daddy David, have been here all week. and on the very first evening, I managed to rip out my claw. Not a dew claw, one of my proper claws. It bled lots and made Mummy do something funny. She said these words I didn't understand, and was running around everywhere.

Daddy and aunty Sara, bandaged it up, but the next day it was still bleeding, so they took me to the vet. I ended up with two visits, and I felt really strange when I woke up after whatever they'd done to me. The vet said I have a problem with my blood clotting, which is why it wouldn't stop. I wasn't very well for about three days. My foot hurt and I felt poorly too. Mummy said she was worried because I was so quiet, not at all like myself. She says I'm normally a crazy girl.

I've been sad because I couldn't do any of the interesting things they've done. The vet man said I mustn't walk on my foot, so while they've had fun, I've missed out.

I did get to go for a ride in the motorhome yesterday though. We went to a place called Glastonbury, which aunty Sara said is "Witch Central." She and Mummy looked in all the shops and bought some crystal things. It was so nice to have a change of environment. I was able to have a little walk, but not very far.
Daddy took me out this morning for a short walk too, which was nice.

It's been a funny sort of week. We went to the Pets at Home shop one day, but Daddy took me out again because I peed on the floor. I didn't mean to, but there were lots of smells which made me just need to pee on them. Then we went to the garden centre that sells tasty dog treats and Mummy got some pigs' ears.
Then Mummy, Arik and Aunty Sara went for a walk late one night. They were gone for ages, and when they got back, aunty Sara had a bad knee. She said she'd fallen over, but that her and Mummy were sitting in the road laughing lots. I wouldn't laugh lots if I fell over! People are funny sometimes, I don't always understand them

It's their last day today and I'm sad, but I hope they'll come back when I'm better so I can make up for all the things I've missed this week.

When I hurt my foot, the nurse at the vets weighed me and everyone said I need to lose weight. I was 36 kilos, and I should be around 32, so Mummy says when I'm better, I'll have longer walks and less food. WHAT? LESS FOOD? Nooooooo! I love my food. Mummy said she'll still give me treats, but healthy ones instead. That means raw carrot and apple, instead of sausages and cheese, oh no!

I've got to go back to the vets on Monday to have my bandage off. I'll let you know how I get on.

Here's a photo Mummy took just now of me and Arik.

Love and licks, Cherry xx

Arik's Introduction

Hello Everyone!

My name is Arik and I live on the Isle of Wight with my Mummy, Sara.

She adopted me and took me to live with her on 14th March 2013, it was the happiest day of my life. I am a retired racer, but I didn't do very well (hence my retirement). I ran 48 races but only won 6, so my trainer retired me to prevent injury as I always tried really hard to get to the front even when all the other dogs were much faster.

Since moving to the Isle of Wight with Mummy I've discovered lots of new things, like running off-lead on the beach which is really good fun! The sand beneath my paws feels amazing, so cool and refreshing. I always seem to find myself running in a big circle though as I was used to running on a track for so long. 
Now that I can run for fun, I can also stop whenever I want and just sniff around the rock pools, or go back to Mummy who always has a treat to give me along with lots of praise, cuddles and kisses.

Last year I met my cousin, Cherry. My greyhound Daddy is her Grandad. She is white and brindle and very, very pretty. She is quite a bit younger than me and likes to bounce around like a greyhound shaped spring. I am much calmer and sometimes I just have to look at her and ask her what she's doing!

Cherry and I have lots of fun when we are together though, and write to each other when we are apart (Cherry lives on Mainland UK in the middle of the countryside), so I hope you will enjoy reading all our adventures.

I have posted a photo of myself so you can see how handsome I am (well, that's what Mummy tells me anyway).

Love & Licks,

Arik xx

Cherry's Introduction

Hello, Everyone,

I'm Cherry. I'm three-years-old, and stopped racing before I was even two because I had to have my toe amputated. I broke it twice, and it really hurt. My trainer realised that I wasn't very good at running anymore, so he gave me to the Retired Greyhound Trust, where my Mummy found me soon after.

I loved coming to live with them - nice food, lots of treats, a comfy sofa, and they even let me on their bed. Mummy says this is my forever home, and that she's so lucky to have found me, but I think I'm lucky too.

I met my cousin Arik last year. His daddy was my grandad, the famous double Derby champion, Westmead Hawk. Arik and I got on really well - he's so sweet and gentle and such a handsome chap - so he and his Mummy and Daddy came to stay last Sunday. Unfortunately, on their first evening, I hurt my foot. More about that in the next post.

I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures on this new blog.

Love and licks, Cherry x