Saturday, 14 May 2016

Arik's Introduction

Hello Everyone!

My name is Arik and I live on the Isle of Wight with my Mummy, Sara.

She adopted me and took me to live with her on 14th March 2013, it was the happiest day of my life. I am a retired racer, but I didn't do very well (hence my retirement). I ran 48 races but only won 6, so my trainer retired me to prevent injury as I always tried really hard to get to the front even when all the other dogs were much faster.

Since moving to the Isle of Wight with Mummy I've discovered lots of new things, like running off-lead on the beach which is really good fun! The sand beneath my paws feels amazing, so cool and refreshing. I always seem to find myself running in a big circle though as I was used to running on a track for so long. 
Now that I can run for fun, I can also stop whenever I want and just sniff around the rock pools, or go back to Mummy who always has a treat to give me along with lots of praise, cuddles and kisses.

Last year I met my cousin, Cherry. My greyhound Daddy is her Grandad. She is white and brindle and very, very pretty. She is quite a bit younger than me and likes to bounce around like a greyhound shaped spring. I am much calmer and sometimes I just have to look at her and ask her what she's doing!

Cherry and I have lots of fun when we are together though, and write to each other when we are apart (Cherry lives on Mainland UK in the middle of the countryside), so I hope you will enjoy reading all our adventures.

I have posted a photo of myself so you can see how handsome I am (well, that's what Mummy tells me anyway).

Love & Licks,

Arik xx

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