Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Beautiful Dartmoor

Dear Arik,

I had a lovely long walk early this morning at one of my favourite places. It's on the moors. Its proper name is Dartmoor, near a place called Yelverton, but Daddy calls it Long Ash because there's a small garden centre with the same name nearby.

It's where Mummy wanted to take you and Auntie Sara for a walk together.

The scenery is stunning. Even I stop and look around me, and because it's so open, the sky seems to go on forever. I like to look up at the lovely blue colour and watch the fluffy clouds puff across the sky. Mummy does too.

But then I get distracted because there's so many different smells to sniff. I can't wait until you come back and we can go together, you'll be so excited.

We walked for miles along the soft springy moorland grass, which felt so nice under my feet. It wasn't too hot either because we got there early, and we almost had the whole of the moors to ourselves.

Mummy said if there hadn't been any sheep and horse poo around, she'd have taken her shoes off and walked along barefoot, to get a good grounding, whatever that means.

She said we can go once a week as she loves walking there and misses it. We used to go there a lot when we lived in the other house, but it's further away now. It's kind of near the vets where you and Daddy took me and went in the cafe nearby, do you remember?

Afterwards we stopped at Morrisons, and while Mummy did the shopping, I stood outside with Daddy and lots of people spoke to me.

After all that fresh air and exercise, I'm exhausted, so I'm having a snooze now - Zzzzz.

Here's some photos.

Love and licks, Cherry xxx


  1. Even I love walking here as it's soft underfoot and not too hilly. Terrific views over the valley and up onto the moor.

  2. This is so beautiful - it makes me want to go walking there, and I don't even like walking. Maybe if Cherry came with me, I would enjoy it.
    Cherry's blog is absolutely wonderful, I am enjoying every single word, both what she writes and what Arik writes to her. TJ

    1. Thanks, TJ, glad you're enjoying it xx

  3. I love the entire blog - I hope lots of people will read it all. The conversations between Cherry and Arik are quite wonderful. TJ

    1. Thanks 😀 If you have any doggy friends, tell them about it, we could do with some more followers xx

    2. I will. TJ xx