Friday, 20 May 2016

Dear Arik,

Sounds like you had a lovely time out walking, I wish I could go for a nice walk too.

My paw still hurts, and now it's all gunky, so Mummy is afraid I might have an infection, and it might mean another trip to the vet.

Daddy thinks it's because it's covered all the time and that it should be left open to dry up, so they've taken the sock off while I'm indoors. They're going to leave it open all night too, and hope I don't lick it.
I've been licking my sock a lot during the night and soaking it, which has made my poorly toe wet, and they've had to get up several times to change the sock for a dry one. I feel bad for disturbing their sleep, but I can't help it.

I'll try not to lick my foot tonight, but if it hurts or irritates me, I might have to.

Sigh, will it ever be better? I'm getting rather fed up now, and just wish it was healed up so I can start going on my walks again.

Poor Mummy is frustrated because she doesn't know what to do for the best. Cover it and it's not having a chance to dry up, leave it open and I lick it anyway.

I hope it'll be healed up soon.

Love, Cherry xxx

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  1. Dear Cherry
    How is your paw today? I saw on Facebook that you were going back to the vets? How did that go?

    Dare I say it but you may need to wear your muzzle for a while if you can't stop licking it. I don't think a Cone of Shame would be a good idea for you as you are quite accident prone as it is. Goodness knows the mess you'd get in with a lampshade around your head!

    I know my Mummy always leaves any cuts or grazes I have open, and she allows me to lick but at the same time I've never ripped a claw out. She may well have acted differently if I'd done what you have. She does watch me very carefully when I lick a cut or graze though. As long as she's happy I'm keeping the wound clean then she leaves me to it. I'm sure she'd step in if she thought I was making it worse.

    It's raining today and Mummy is doing more overtime. So I'm going to stay in and snooze.

    Love & Licks
    Arik xx