Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Disturbed Night

Dear Arik,
I feel a bit sad because I had Mummy and Daddy up four times in the night, last night.

I kept licking the sock that was on my poorly foot, until it was soaking wet. I couldn't help it, I was trying to lick my poorly toe, but couldn't get the sock off first.

Four times Mummy changed it, and each time I licked it until it was soaked. In the end, Mummy put more of that purple bandage stuff on, with another sock over the top and then my boot.

Daddy says I'll have to wear my muzzle tonight, because if not they'll run out of socks to put on me. Mummy is yawning a lot this morning, they didn't get much sleep, and I feel bad now.

Mummy said I couldn't help it, it must be horrible having a poorly foot, and only another week to go then I don't have to wear anything. I'll be so glad to get my foot unwrapped, but I must try not to race around like I used to, I don't want to injure myself again.

Hope you have a good day, I'm going for a walk later, yippee!

Love and licks, Cherry xxx

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  1. Dear Cherry,
    I would have licked my paw too. It's what us doggies do to make ourselves feel better. It must itch like mad by now too as all things itch when they start to get better. Sorry to hear you will be in your muzzle tonight, but it really is for the best not only for your paw, but your Mummy needs her socks for her paws!

    Enjoy your walk today. Remember not to bounce around though. You don't want to have a set back with your paw, or hurt another paw and go through all this again! But do take photos to show me won't you?

    My Mummy says we are going to the beach today. Can't wait!

    Love & Licks, Arik xx