Friday, 27 May 2016

Good News!

Dear Cousin Arik,

We've just got back from the vets, and guess what?

My foot is much better. Woohoo! The nice vet man said I can do all my normal things now. So I'm okay to go on my walkies again, and I don't have to wear that horrible muzzle at night anymore. 

I hated wearing that, it reminded me of before I came to live with Mummy and Daddy. Mummy explained that it was for my own good, to help my foot heal, but I was still sad having to wear it, and kept trying to scrape it off. At least I'll have a decent night's sleep from now on.

The vet man said it'll probably be okay now if I lick my foot, so I don't even need to wear a sock anymore. Mummy just has to wash my foot if I go out walking in mud, but as you know, they wash my feet after a walk anyway.

And I have some more news. Guess what, Arik?

I've already lost a kilo in weight.

Mummy said I was looking slimmer, so Daddy weighed me. They were both very pleased that I've lost weight.

I'm not too happy with less food though, I miss my treats, but if it makes me healthier, I guess it's a good thing.

I've just had my din dins, and I'm now snoozing on the bed,

Write back soon with your news.

Love and licks, Cherry xxx


  1. Dearest Cherry
    I am so pleased to read this! I was really worried, as my scrapes and cuts seem to heal up in no time. I really have felt very sorry for you. Now just go steady on carpets and rugs please? You don't want to have to go through this again.

    Well done with the diet! Keep it up! Trust me, if you are closer to your race weight you will feel even better, have more energy, be able to zoomie faster and it's healthier for you. It's why my Mummy watches my weight and keeps me sleek and slender. She doesn't want there to be a strain on my heart and joints.

    Mummy has been working loads. Lots and lots of overtime. After the weekend she will have worked for 8 days in a row without a day off. She's getting really tired now and I miss her so much. She's promised not to put her name down for this much work again.

    Once Mummy is back to her normal working pattern I'll post up a proper blog post with all my news.

    Love & Licks
    Arik xxx

  2. Dear Arik,
    Aww I'm sorry you miss your Mummy so much, I guess I'm really lucky to have mine at home with me all the time.
    We've only ever been apart one day and that was when we moved into this house.
    I spent the day with my greyhound friends, Misty and Pluto, but I'd rather have been with Mummy and Daddy.
    Never mind, auntie Sara has promised you she won't work so much, I bet she missed you lots too.
    Catch you soon,
    Cherry xx

  3. Yay!! We'll done cherry pie, very happy that you can be a normal longtail again. Bet mommy n daddy are happy too. Lots of love (Lillysaurus mommy)Xx