Sunday, 15 May 2016

It's oh so quiet!

Cousin Arik, auntie Sara and uncle David have left now, and the house is all quiet again :(

It was a bit strange having them here as I'm not used to other people and another dog in my house, but it was lovely to see them - even if I couldn't go on walks with them - and I enjoyed lying in the sun with my older cousin. I'm going to miss them.

Hey, Arik, I bet you'll be pleased to sleep on your sofa tonight, and get back to the familiarity of your own house and routine!

Mummy says you might come back in September, I hope so as I had so many lovely walks I wanted to show you. Burrator Reservoir is Mummy's favourite place in the whole world, I like going out on the moors and seeing the sheep and horses, and there's a nice walk called The Granite Way, along a disused railway at a place called Sourton. So, I hope you'll come back so we can do those.

Here's a photo of us lying in the sun to remind you of your visit.

Love and licks, Cherry xx


  1. Absolutely lovely. Such an intelligent dog :) and what a lovely photo. Auntie Tina

  2. Dear Cherry, I miss you too! Where did the time go? Mummy will definitely be bringing me back to see you soon, but she says you're not allowed to hurt yourself next time because she wants to see all your favourite places too! So be a good young cousin and CALM DOWN! I promise you won't miss anything if you take life a little slower, in fact, you get to see and sniff more when you take your time. Go on .... try it ;)
    Love & Licks, Arik xx

  3. I'll try to go a bit slower, auntie Sara. Mummy said she's going to wrap me in a big cotton wool suit, with bubble wrap on top.
    I think she'll be afraid to let me do anything from now on. I'm a big clumsy girl, but I can't help it.
    Look forward to seeing you in a few months.
    Big licks for Arik,
    Love, Cherry xx