Wednesday, 18 May 2016

New beds for me to choose from!

Dear Cherry,

It was a very exciting day today, we had a new bed delivered for in the Guest Room! 

Now the guest room has a new 4ft small double and a single in it, as opposed to just two singles.  Then Daddy put the spare single bed in his old office, making a second guest room.

It means I now have 4 comfy beds, 3 bedrooms, my basket in my den under the stairs, my thick memory foam mattress in the conservatory, a sofa and an arm chair!  Am I a lucky hound or what??

Then on the way home from the shops today, a white van man crashed into Daddy's car.  That wasn't so much fun.  Just a dent in the side at the back near the back wheel, but Mummy and Daddy still got out the car and asked the van man for his insurance details.  I was fine.  It wasn't a hard bump, but enough to make a dent.  They were cross as we weren't moving at the time and because the traffic was bad, Daddy couldn't move out the way.  Mummy saw the van moving and had just said "He's going to hit us!" when the bump happened.  Silly man didn't check his mirrors before he decided to try to reverse back up a driveway!

Anyway we are home again now.  I've had my dinner and thought I'd tell you about my day before I have a snooze.  Now ... which bed should I sleep on I wonder ...

Love & Licks
Arik  xxx


  1. Dear, Arik,
    Wow you lucky dog, I wouldn't mind four beds to choose from! Mummy said she likes the bright cheery bedspreads.
    I'm glad you weren't hurt in the small accident. I bet auntie Sara was annoyed though, ha ha, did she say any naughty words? My Mummy would have.
    I've just had my Crackerjacks, they've cut them down to only two, but that's better than nothing I suppose!
    Love, Cherry xxx

  2. Wow, you are one lucky hound Arik so many places to sleep and snooze. No more than a prince deserves eh? Ooh, that's unfortunate about daddy's car. Flippin white van men are a menace!!

  3. Hi Arik, which bed did you choose to snooze in when the thunder came over the Island....I cried on the landing as that's my "safe place" Nancy xx

    1. Hi Nancy, I don't mind thunder, I ignore it. We didn't get any thunder in Godshill. Did you keep it all for yourself? It's fireworks that frighten me. My safe place is in my big basket under the stairs. That's where I always go and Mummy comes to sit with me so I'm not all on my own with my fears.
      Love Arik xx