Saturday, 14 May 2016

Road trip to Glastonbury

Yesterday Cherry and I went for a looooong drive in a camper van to Glastonbury.
I'd never been for a ride in a big van before, only from my trainers kennels to the race track but I travelled in a cage for those journeys so it doesn't count.

The camper van was like a mini house on wheels with big sofas in the back that can be made into a bed, a food room and a bathroom.  At first it was very confusing as I didn't know where to sit. Should I lay on the floor?  Do I stand up?  In the end Mummy lifted me up onto one of the sofas and sat next to me.  But that seemed wrong, because if Mummy is sat next to me, who's driving?!

I enjoyed the ride once I sat down and started looking out the big windows at the scenery.  It was good to have Mummy next to me as she made sure I didn't slide off the seat.  Cherry just laid down on her side and went to sleep, but then she's used to trips out in the van.

Once we got to Glastonbury we had a walk around the high street and a look in all the shops.  Glastonbury is very dog friendly and we got lots of attention from shop-keepers and members of the public who thought we were very fine indeed.  I loved going in the shops with all the interesting sights and smells but I'm a very good boy and don't go for a wee indoors.   I went in one crystal shop with my Mummy but the shop owners dog snarled at me so Cherry' s Mummy took me outside to keep me safe and protected.

I was much better in the van on the way home as I knew what to expect and I hope to go out in the van again when Mummy brings me back to the countryside for another visit.

Love & Licks
Arik  xx

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