Monday, 16 May 2016

Road works!

Dear Cherry,

Mummy and I haven't done much today.

She pottered around the house and I followed her about.  I just love being with Mummy, and she always praises me, tells me I'm a good boy and tells me I'm being helpful which is lovely to hear.

She played with the dragonflies she bought in that big shop she went in with your Mummy.  However she says she will need to trim the shrubs by our front door to get them to sit right as at the moment the shrubs are too tall and when Mummy puts the dragonflies through the foliage they disappear beneath the leaves before the stick they are perched on reaches the ground.  So she's going to trim the shrubs to make them shorter or something.  I don't really understand but she knows how she wants it to look so I'm sure she'll fix it.

Do you remember us saying we were going to miss a lot of road works in our village by being with you last week?  Well the work isn't finished!  Still a few more days to go.

Mummy and I took a walk around the village this evening and she stopped to chat to the workmen to ask how much longer the work was going to take and how noisy it would be during the night.  Apparently tomorrow is going to be the worst night for us as they are breaking up and removing the old tarmac of the road that runs parallel with our cul de sac.  We were told that the heavy machinery they use to break up the old road causes severe vibrations and houses have been known to shake because of it!  Mummy thinks we are far enough away from the main road not to feel it much though, so hopefully we won't feel like we're in the middle of an earthquake all night long.

I cuddled up with Mummy on her bed all night long last night.  I just love it when she holds me close.  It makes me feel very safe.  I'm sure she'll do the same tomorrow if the road works scare me.

Love & Licks
Arik  xx


  1. Dear Arik, I bet you're happy being home in your own surroundings.
    Ooh, I don't like the sound of those roadworks, I hope it won't be too noisy, but if it is, auntie Sara will look after you.
    Ask her to take a photo of the dragonflies when she's got them in so we can see what they look like.
    Love, Cherry xx

  2. Oh No!! We had that once when we lived in a town centre Arik. It went on for two nights. Not something we'd care to repeat - the vibration is horrid!

  3. Hi Cherry, yes I am happy to be home but that's not to say I didn't enjoy my holiday with you because I did. I loved being with you and investigating all the interesting sniffs you have in the countryside around you. I am coming back to see you because I want to see all the places your Mummy talked about us visiting. My Daddy wants to come back too because he loves long walks and really enjoyed our being on holiday together as a Pack.
    Mummy is going to charge up the mini hedge trimmer thingy she has today and trim the shrubs so she can put out her dragonflies. I promise to take photos for you.
    Love, Arik xx