Monday, 16 May 2016

Vet Visit...again!

Dear Cousin Arik,

I've just come back from seeing Peter the vet. 

Thank paws I've finally got that bandage and padding off, but I screamed and screamed when he removed the last bit and cleaned my foot. Daddy was holding me, and Mummy was standing in front, and I scared the life out of her when I screamed, but I couldn't help it.

Peter said he wasn't even touching my bad toe, he was cleaning the one beside it, so I was screaming in anticipation, just in case it was going to hurt!

I've now got to wear a sock on my foot for a week, to make sure it doesn't get anything in it, and after that, it should be okay.

I'm allowed to go for walks again - not too far - as long as I wear my boot.

It feels so nice to have that bandage off, but I'm scared I might knock it now. When we got home, I was afraid to jump out of the boot, so Daddy had to lift me down. He says I'll be a lot easier to carry when I've lost weight!

I'm lying on the bed, feeling sorry for myself because my foot hurts a bit. Mummy put my boot on and I squealed, so she gave me a pig's ear, which was yummy. I think I'll just lie here now and have a snooze...zzzzz.

Love and licks, Cherry xxx


  1. Oh bless her. Soon be back to normal xx

  2. Hopefully. It's not been a pleasant time for her, or us!

  3. Oooh Cherry, I feel for you. Those lovely eyes of yours have also worn mummy down because I remember her saying that the bedroom was a dog free zone and now you are even on mummy and daddy's bed. Razzle sends her love.

    1. Their rule about no sofa and no bed lasted about two weeks. I'm glad, it's nice and comfy on their bed.
      Big licks to Razzle, love, Cherry xx

  4. Dear Cherry,
    Thank goodness that bandage is off. I know how awkward they make you feel. Once when a vet was clipping my nails she went right through my Quick! I bled all over the floor and screamed my head off. Mummy was really angry with the vet, I thought she was going to thump the vet. I needed a bandage on my paw to stop the bleeding. It made me walk funny. Mummy said I looked drunk - whatever that means. I think you did really well. I don't think I'd have kept a bandage on for a week. Now whenever I go to the vet I refuse to get out the car, or cement my paws to the ground. Mummy picks me up and carries me in though, so sometimes I start limping in the hope Mummy will get the message and take me home immediately. There is never anything wrong with my legs, it's a fake limp I put on to get the vet to leave me alone. Mummy knows I'm acting though, so she doesn't take any notice. I suppose I could try a GSOD but I'd rather save those for when I really am in trouble. If I scream too much Mummy might not pay much attention like when I'm acting my limp, and I could really need her to rescue me one day.
    I'm glad to hear you are on the mend, and I hope to go for a proper walk with you soon.
    Love & Licks,
    Arik xxx

  5. Dear, Arik,
    Mummy says I'm crazy because I like visiting the vet.
    Even after what I've been through last week, I was still happy to go in today, until Peter hurt my foot.
    I'll try really hard to stay out of trouble so we can go on nice walks when you next visit.
    Mummy says can you please ask your mummy to do a special protection spell for me.
    Big licks, Cherry xx

  6. Dear Cherry
    Mummy and I haven't done much today, just relaxed together and pottered around the house. I followed Mummy everywhere (as I always do) and she praised me and told me how helpful I am for being with her (as she always does). Mummy and I make a greyt team.

    I will ask Mummy to do a spell for you and we will send out the energies together (well I am her Familiar after all and always by her side especially when she's doing her witchcraft). Mummy will look up some herbs and crystals etc in the next couple of days but she says she's going to have to "look up the strong, powerful ones" - what could she possibly mean by that I wonder? ;)
    Love & Licks,
    Arik xx