Saturday, 14 May 2016

What a Week!

My cousin Arik his mummy Sara and daddy David, have been here all week. and on the very first evening, I managed to rip out my claw. Not a dew claw, one of my proper claws. It bled lots and made Mummy do something funny. She said these words I didn't understand, and was running around everywhere.

Daddy and aunty Sara, bandaged it up, but the next day it was still bleeding, so they took me to the vet. I ended up with two visits, and I felt really strange when I woke up after whatever they'd done to me. The vet said I have a problem with my blood clotting, which is why it wouldn't stop. I wasn't very well for about three days. My foot hurt and I felt poorly too. Mummy said she was worried because I was so quiet, not at all like myself. She says I'm normally a crazy girl.

I've been sad because I couldn't do any of the interesting things they've done. The vet man said I mustn't walk on my foot, so while they've had fun, I've missed out.

I did get to go for a ride in the motorhome yesterday though. We went to a place called Glastonbury, which aunty Sara said is "Witch Central." She and Mummy looked in all the shops and bought some crystal things. It was so nice to have a change of environment. I was able to have a little walk, but not very far.
Daddy took me out this morning for a short walk too, which was nice.

It's been a funny sort of week. We went to the Pets at Home shop one day, but Daddy took me out again because I peed on the floor. I didn't mean to, but there were lots of smells which made me just need to pee on them. Then we went to the garden centre that sells tasty dog treats and Mummy got some pigs' ears.
Then Mummy, Arik and Aunty Sara went for a walk late one night. They were gone for ages, and when they got back, aunty Sara had a bad knee. She said she'd fallen over, but that her and Mummy were sitting in the road laughing lots. I wouldn't laugh lots if I fell over! People are funny sometimes, I don't always understand them

It's their last day today and I'm sad, but I hope they'll come back when I'm better so I can make up for all the things I've missed this week.

When I hurt my foot, the nurse at the vets weighed me and everyone said I need to lose weight. I was 36 kilos, and I should be around 32, so Mummy says when I'm better, I'll have longer walks and less food. WHAT? LESS FOOD? Nooooooo! I love my food. Mummy said she'll still give me treats, but healthy ones instead. That means raw carrot and apple, instead of sausages and cheese, oh no!

I've got to go back to the vets on Monday to have my bandage off. I'll let you know how I get on.

Here's a photo Mummy took just now of me and Arik.

Love and licks, Cherry xx


  1. Oh what an eventfull life you lead Cherry. I hope you came with a health warning??

    1. No, I didn't, but my Mummy and Daddy are used to me now!

  2. Oh, poor Cherry. Hope you feel better soon sweetheart xx

  3. What an intelligent dog - I wish my cat would write a blog. Keep it up Cherry - I want to make sure I know when you are better and whether you eat your raw carrots and apples. I bet you don't.
    woof woof from Auntie Tina x

    1. I already eat carrots and apples, I like them, but not as much as sausages, love Cherry x

  4. Jasmine the greyhound14 May 2016 at 19:48

    I wish both of you could come over here to the states so I could bully you around. I only have Annie to push around and she's no fun - because she doesn't fight back anymore.

    1. Aww, well I wouldn't be much fun either cos I wouldn't fight back. I keep hurting myself so I think it's time I calmed down so I don't keep giving Mummy a heart attack.
      Love Cherry xx

    2. Hi Jasmine, I'm afraid I wouldn't be much fun either. I'm a quiet, gentle and calm boy who walks away from trouble and prefers to let my Mummy fight my battles for me. Although I do "sleep startle" as Cherry found out the other night when she came up to give me a kiss when I was asleep in my basket. I barked and snapped at her because I opened my eyes to find her looking at me. It made me jump, so I snapped at her. I was very sorry afterwards though.
      Love Arik xx