Thursday, 23 June 2016


Dear Cherry,

What interesting weather we are having!  Sunny one minute, then clouding over, then thunder and lightening, then really oppressive heat, then torrential rain .... I find it very strange.  The other day Mummy took me to the beach where it was beautiful and sunny, but when we drove back home to Godshill, it was cloudy, cold and drizzly!  How can than happen?  I thought the weather was the same wherever we went?

Anyway, there were distant rumbles of thunder when Mummy took me to our favourite beach yesterday evening.  We had the beach to ourselves too, so Mummy let me off lead for a zoomie.  I didn't zoom much really.  Just a quick dash, have a wee, then walk back to Mummy who was waiting for me to make sure I didn't lose sight of her.  I'm not really interested in running any more.  I must be getting old, I am going to be 7 next month.  Mummy still calls me her "teenager" though and I know she will love me all my life, even when I am a really old dog, so I'm not that worried.

Sorry, I've gone off the race track a bit.  I was going to tell you about our thunder.  Have you ever experienced thunder Cherry?  The first time I did my Mummy got really excited.  Took me over to the window where she was watching the lightening and told me how fantastic it was.  She was really happy that I could watch the lightening with her and listen to the thunder.  This made my tail wag and I decided that if it was something Mummy loved, it must be good.  Consequently I'm not frightened of it like a lot of my other doggy friends are.

So there we were on the beach, having a lovely walk when we heard it.  A distant rumble of thunder.  Mummy immediately got all excited and said to me "Listen Arik!  It's thundering!"  I could feel she was getting excited.  The more we walked, the louder it got.  Mummy was very pleased indeed.

Last night the storm came.  Although Mummy says it was "pathetic" compared to the storms she remembers from when she was a puppy-human.  Anyway, I'm laying on Mummy's bed with her.  She has the curtains open and the window so she can see the lightening and hear the thunder, but I could sense she was a bit disappointed.  So I started to feel bored with her.  I even got up at one point, looked out the window, yawned, then settled back down to sleep again.  If my Mummy wasn't interested, then there was no point in my staying awake either.

Today the weather here is even more hot, sticky and oppressive than it was yesterday.  Mummy said that storms are supposed to clear the air and make it cooler, so I guess the thunder we had last night really wasn't as good as Mummy said she remembers it being when she was young.

Remember Cherry.  Thunder CANNOT HURT YOU!  It's just noise.  I know the same can be said for fireworks, but that's a different type of banging noise altogether and not in the least bit natural, so I do tend to shake when that's going on.  But thunder is ok.  It's just Mother Nature sorting herself out and nothing to be afraid of, okay?

Love & Licks,

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Enough to Drive You Batty!

Dear Arik,
Oh my word you should have been here last night, you'd have laughed your head off!

The hoomans were watching TV, when all of a sudden this thing with big black wings started flying around the room.
Mummy screamed, put the hood of her dressing gown up and tried to curl up in her armchair.

The thing - which I learned was a bat - was swooping towards Mummy, which made her scream again.
I jumped off the sofa because it freaked me out a bit; I've never heard Mummy scream before, and if she was screaming, then the bat must have been something really scary.

Daddy told her to stop screaming because it was scaring me, so she did, until the bat flew near her, then she screamed again.

By now, I was standing beside Mummy trying to protect her - no scary bat is going to get my Mummy - and Daddy tried to see where it had gone.

He found it on the step into the kitchen, so he put on his thick gloves, picked it up and threw it out of the door.

I hope it doesn't happen again, but it was a bit of excitement on a Monday evening!

I've just come back from a nice walk with Mummy. On the way home, I was trotting down the hill and Mummy said, 'Slow down, CherryPie, I can't go as fast as you. You've got four legs, I've only got two.'

Ha ha, Mummy would look funny with four legs!

Hope you're okay,

Love and licks, Cherry xxx

Here's a photo of Mummy holding my paw, although last night it was me trying to hold hers.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Great Global Greyhound Walk

Dear Cherry

What an exciting morning I've had!

Mummy and I organised the annual Great Global Greyhound Walk for the Isle of Wight.  Each year, hundreds of Greyhounds go for a walk on the same day, at the same time.  It's great promotion for us as a breed and goes some way to showing the public what fantastic pets we make.

This year Mummy decided we would go to Parkhurst Forest as it's lovely and cool there.  She needn't have worried though as the weather is overcast today, so no hot sunshine.

Nine greyhounds came along, including a little Italian Greyhound called Colin.  He was really funny.  He barked at all the other dogs we met along the way.  It was as if he wanted to protect us all, but he was so tiny!  I had to be careful not to step on him!

I really could have done with your company though Cherry.  I was the only light coloured greyhound there.  All the others were either black or smokey blue.  I really stood out!  It would have been lovely to walk by your side so we could show all the others how beautiful brindle greyhounds are.

I'm looking forward to my next walk with my local friends.  Mummy is going to organise it for the middle of July and said we can go back to my favourite beach.  This pleased everyone as it turns out it's their favourite place to walk too!

I'm going to take the rest of the day off now and enjoy a good snooze while my tummy sorts out the massive pigs ear Mummy gave me when we got home.

Missing you loads Cherry and hope to come back to see you soon.

Love & Licks

Friday, 17 June 2016

Exciting Day

Dear cousin Arik,
I had a really exciting day today.

Mummy had a visitor called Sally, and she brought two dogs with her. One was called Belle and she was a flat coated retriever/saluki cross, and the other was called Briony and she was a whippet cross I think. I can't remember.

It was so exciting. I wanted to race around the kitchen and play, but Mummy was worried I might hurt my foot, so told me to be careful. I forgot though and started chasing Briony, so Daddy put my lead on me.

We made the hoomans laugh because the three of us walked in circles around the kitchen table.

Belle loved Daddy; she kept putting her paws on his shoulders and asking for cuddles. She did it to Mummy  too. Mummy said she thought Belle was adorable. I was a bit jealous, but I know Mummy loves me best really.

Sally came to collect some books. The ones that Mummy and Daddy and all their greyhound friends made. She's going to sell them for the greyhound charity Hounds First.

It was fun to have other doggies to talk to and play with, but it was also nice to have my house back again. When they were gone, I went and cuddled up to Daddy on the sofa.

Mummy said if she wins the lottery, she'll buy a big house with lots of space, so she can adopt other greyhounds. I'm not sure how I feel about that! It would be nice to have friends to play with, but I like having my mummy and daddy to myself. 

We went to Pets at Home yesterday. Mummy was at a meeting, so Daddy took me for a walk around. He weighed me and said I'm now 32.9 kg. that's good I think, but it doesn't feel good. I'm so hungry all the time.

It's the weekend again. If the weather is nice, Mummy said we can go to my favourite place on Dartmoor.

I hope you're okay, hope to hear from you soon.

Love and licks, Cherry xx

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Whatever Next?

Dear Arik,

Mummy says when you next visit can you ask auntie Sara to bring a large roll of bubble wrap because she needs it for me.

I'm not quite sure what she means, but it might have something to do with Mummy saying I'm the clumsiest, most accident prone doggie she's ever met.

We went shopping earlier - well Mummy did, Daddy and I waited outside at the seats on the pavement and watched the goings on - and when she'd finished, we went across the road to the pet shop. 

Mummy got me some fish skins and a pig's ear, and then we went to the butcher's. Mmmm I was beside myself with excitement at all the meat smells coming out of the shop. I couldn't stop my mouth from drooling.

Mummy came back out with a big marrow bone for me, which I desperately wanted. I jumped up at her and tried to say, 'Please can I have it right now?' but she hid it away in her bag.

Then some people stopped us and chatted for ages. They've got nine dogs - nine! - and one's a greyhound. I whined a bit because I was bored. They'd just bought me a tasty bone and were standing around chatting! 'Never mind that, let's get home so I can eat it,' I wanted to say. Humans can be a bit slow at times. I try my best to let them know what I want, but we just don't speak the same language.

Anyway, we finally arrived home and Mummy gave me my bone. I laid on my mat out on the patio eating it, it was so yummy. But then something hurt me, I think I bit my tongue and I squealed. I then bit off a really sharp piece of bone, and tried to eat it. Mummy jumped up immediately and came over to see what had happened and take the sharp piece away. I thought she was going to take my whole bone so I growled at her. I didn't mean to. Daddy went indoors and came back with the pig's ear, which he gave me, and took the bone away.

Mummy waited until I'd eaten the pig's ear, then looked in my mouth to see why I'd squealed, but she couldn't see anything. She cuddled me and said, 'What are you like? You even hurt yourself eating a bone.'

I don't think they'll buy me another one, I'll just have to settle for pigs' ears and my buffalo horn instead.

So I think Mummy wants the bubble wrap to cover me with so I can't hurt myself anymore. I know I'm a clumsy dog, but I can't help it. Maybe it's because I'm only young? Mummy said she hopes I'll grow out of it, Daddy said but she hasn't, she's still clumsy, so hmm, maybe I won't!

Have a nice weekend,

Love and licks, Cherry xxx

PS, here's me in a silly hat.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Strange outing

Dear Cherry,

Guess where Mummy took me today.  The Vets!  Yes, you did read that right.  The VETS!  I was horrified!  I'm not even sick! 

Turns out Mummy just wanted to weigh me.  That didn't stop me from being so nervous that my legs were shaking like jelly though.  I stood on the scales like a good boy, but it seemed to take ages.  I was shaking so much that the numbers were jumping around all over the place.  They did finally settle on a number though - 28.1kg.  I've put on weight!  Mummy was really pleased with me but she still wants me to put on more so that I am around 29.5kg, so on the way back from the vets we stopped at Pets at Home where she bought me lots of treats.

The weather here is pretty awful.  It's cold and wet.  It is June isn't it?  Feels more like November.  Mummy and I did try going for a walk along Ventnor Downs, but it was so cold I needed my fleecy coat!  In June!  We made the best of it for a few minutes, then is started to rain.  I mean really, really rain!  Mummy's hair got so wet she looked like she'd just got out the shower.  We ran back to the car and decided to come home.

Once we were home, Mummy got all my treats out of her shopping bag.  My favourite new treat is my Deer Antler.  I've never had one before, and I didn't really know what to do with it at first.  I stared at it on the floor for a little while, trying to work out how to tackle it.  I've got the hang of it now though and it's delicious!  She also bought me one of those Bull Horn things, but that's still in the cupboard.  No doubt Mummy will bring that out when I've finished obsessing over my antler.

Well I'd better go and have my dinner now.

Love & Licks
Arik  xxx