Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Enough to Drive You Batty!

Dear Arik,
Oh my word you should have been here last night, you'd have laughed your head off!

The hoomans were watching TV, when all of a sudden this thing with big black wings started flying around the room.
Mummy screamed, put the hood of her dressing gown up and tried to curl up in her armchair.

The thing - which I learned was a bat - was swooping towards Mummy, which made her scream again.
I jumped off the sofa because it freaked me out a bit; I've never heard Mummy scream before, and if she was screaming, then the bat must have been something really scary.

Daddy told her to stop screaming because it was scaring me, so she did, until the bat flew near her, then she screamed again.

By now, I was standing beside Mummy trying to protect her - no scary bat is going to get my Mummy - and Daddy tried to see where it had gone.

He found it on the step into the kitchen, so he put on his thick gloves, picked it up and threw it out of the door.

I hope it doesn't happen again, but it was a bit of excitement on a Monday evening!

I've just come back from a nice walk with Mummy. On the way home, I was trotting down the hill and Mummy said, 'Slow down, CherryPie, I can't go as fast as you. You've got four legs, I've only got two.'

Ha ha, Mummy would look funny with four legs!

Hope you're okay,

Love and licks, Cherry xxx

Here's a photo of Mummy holding my paw, although last night it was me trying to hold hers.


  1. Dear Cherry,

    Wow! What an exciting evening! Shame we weren't there to see it! Mummy loves bats. She thinks they are amazing little creatures that go after the nasty mozzies that bite us in the night. If we had been there, we'd have hunted it down for you! Mummy has been thinking about getting a custom made "Bat box" (like a bird box but with a different design) and putting it up somewhere near our house to encourage bats to live by our house. She really loves them ..... although not as much as she loves me, naturally.

    I hope we get to see some next time we visit you.

    Love & Licks
    Arik xx

    1. Dear Arik, if you come when it's still summer, you can sit out in the evening and watch them flying about.
      Mummy's not so scared when they're outside - as long as they don't fly near her!
      Your walk today looked lovely, it's nice walking with our mummies isn't it 😀
      Love, Cherry xx

  2. Oh Cherry, you do make it sound so funny, when your Mummy wrote about it, it didn't sound so amusing. Luckily I am not frightened of bats, as once my cat brought in what I thought was a slug, and when I very gingerly prodded it with a toe, it stretched out its wings - it was a bat. I was able to get it out through the window.
    I think you were very brave holding your mummy's paw/hand.
    I am glad you had such a lovely walk with her too, but do take care and don't go too fast for her.
    Love and strokes from Auntie TJ xx


    1. Dear auntie TJ, it was quite funny now I look back on it. Fancy Mummy being scared of a little thing like that!
      What I don't understand is, she really likes birds and holds them happily, and doesn't mind if they fly near her. What's the difference?
      I can't work hoomans out at times!
      Love, Cherry x


    2. I think the trouble is, Cherry, that a lot of hoomans (maybe your Mummy is one of them) think that bats will fly into our hair - I don't think they do, but it would be nasty if they did.
      Love from Auntie TJ xx