Friday, 17 June 2016

Exciting Day

Dear cousin Arik,
I had a really exciting day today.

Mummy had a visitor called Sally, and she brought two dogs with her. One was called Belle and she was a flat coated retriever/saluki cross, and the other was called Briony and she was a whippet cross I think. I can't remember.

It was so exciting. I wanted to race around the kitchen and play, but Mummy was worried I might hurt my foot, so told me to be careful. I forgot though and started chasing Briony, so Daddy put my lead on me.

We made the hoomans laugh because the three of us walked in circles around the kitchen table.

Belle loved Daddy; she kept putting her paws on his shoulders and asking for cuddles. She did it to Mummy  too. Mummy said she thought Belle was adorable. I was a bit jealous, but I know Mummy loves me best really.

Sally came to collect some books. The ones that Mummy and Daddy and all their greyhound friends made. She's going to sell them for the greyhound charity Hounds First.

It was fun to have other doggies to talk to and play with, but it was also nice to have my house back again. When they were gone, I went and cuddled up to Daddy on the sofa.

Mummy said if she wins the lottery, she'll buy a big house with lots of space, so she can adopt other greyhounds. I'm not sure how I feel about that! It would be nice to have friends to play with, but I like having my mummy and daddy to myself. 

We went to Pets at Home yesterday. Mummy was at a meeting, so Daddy took me for a walk around. He weighed me and said I'm now 32.9 kg. that's good I think, but it doesn't feel good. I'm so hungry all the time.

It's the weekend again. If the weather is nice, Mummy said we can go to my favourite place on Dartmoor.

I hope you're okay, hope to hear from you soon.

Love and licks, Cherry xx


  1. Oh Cherry, there is no need for you to be jealous of any other doggies. I know your Mummy and Daddy love you best, even if they play with and cuddle other dogs.
    I am so glad your paw is better now, but you must try and be a bit careful.
    Lots of love from Auntie TJ xxx

    1. Thank you, Auntie TJ, I'm glad my paw is better too xx