Sunday, 19 June 2016

Great Global Greyhound Walk

Dear Cherry

What an exciting morning I've had!

Mummy and I organised the annual Great Global Greyhound Walk for the Isle of Wight.  Each year, hundreds of Greyhounds go for a walk on the same day, at the same time.  It's great promotion for us as a breed and goes some way to showing the public what fantastic pets we make.

This year Mummy decided we would go to Parkhurst Forest as it's lovely and cool there.  She needn't have worried though as the weather is overcast today, so no hot sunshine.

Nine greyhounds came along, including a little Italian Greyhound called Colin.  He was really funny.  He barked at all the other dogs we met along the way.  It was as if he wanted to protect us all, but he was so tiny!  I had to be careful not to step on him!

I really could have done with your company though Cherry.  I was the only light coloured greyhound there.  All the others were either black or smokey blue.  I really stood out!  It would have been lovely to walk by your side so we could show all the others how beautiful brindle greyhounds are.

I'm looking forward to my next walk with my local friends.  Mummy is going to organise it for the middle of July and said we can go back to my favourite beach.  This pleased everyone as it turns out it's their favourite place to walk too!

I'm going to take the rest of the day off now and enjoy a good snooze while my tummy sorts out the massive pigs ear Mummy gave me when we got home.

Missing you loads Cherry and hope to come back to see you soon.

Love & Licks


  1. Dear Arik,
    Sounds like you had a lovely day. I wish I'd been walking shoulder to shoulder with you.
    Wow, you really stand out in the photo.
    Black greyhounds are lovely, but us multi coloured ones are rather beautiful!
    I can't wait to see you again and go on the walks we missed out on last time.
    Mummy's just about to take me out, but it won't be for long as it's raining, and she's pulled her back.
    Love, Cherry xx

  2. Dear Cherry,

    Yes us brindles are beautiful aren't we!

    We have to thank my Auntie Julie for holding me in this photo so Mummy could take it, or I wouldn't have been there to stand out at all. Auntie Julie is FurMummy to my bestest black greyhound friend, Ria. Ria doesn't like many other dogs. She barks and snaps at them. But she and I get on well and she keeps all the nasty little smaller yappy dogs away from us, so we usually walk together when Mummy organises a walk.

    So how did your Mummy hurt herself? She wasn't chasing after you at the time was she? Please give her lots of love and kisses from me and tell her that my Mummy will send her some Reiki later.

    Love & Licks, Arik xx

  3. Oh Arik, you do stand out and look lovely in the photo your FurMummy took.
    Cherry, what has your Mummy done? Is she OK? Please gently give her a special kiss from Auntie TJ.