Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Strange outing

Dear Cherry,

Guess where Mummy took me today.  The Vets!  Yes, you did read that right.  The VETS!  I was horrified!  I'm not even sick! 

Turns out Mummy just wanted to weigh me.  That didn't stop me from being so nervous that my legs were shaking like jelly though.  I stood on the scales like a good boy, but it seemed to take ages.  I was shaking so much that the numbers were jumping around all over the place.  They did finally settle on a number though - 28.1kg.  I've put on weight!  Mummy was really pleased with me but she still wants me to put on more so that I am around 29.5kg, so on the way back from the vets we stopped at Pets at Home where she bought me lots of treats.

The weather here is pretty awful.  It's cold and wet.  It is June isn't it?  Feels more like November.  Mummy and I did try going for a walk along Ventnor Downs, but it was so cold I needed my fleecy coat!  In June!  We made the best of it for a few minutes, then is started to rain.  I mean really, really rain!  Mummy's hair got so wet she looked like she'd just got out the shower.  We ran back to the car and decided to come home.

Once we were home, Mummy got all my treats out of her shopping bag.  My favourite new treat is my Deer Antler.  I've never had one before, and I didn't really know what to do with it at first.  I stared at it on the floor for a little while, trying to work out how to tackle it.  I've got the hang of it now though and it's delicious!  She also bought me one of those Bull Horn things, but that's still in the cupboard.  No doubt Mummy will bring that out when I've finished obsessing over my antler.

Well I'd better go and have my dinner now.

Love & Licks
Arik  xxx


  1. Yay, knew you'd like the Antler Arik. Looks like this putting on weight business is good fun. Poor Cherry is doing the opposite and has lost at least a kilo. Only another 3 to go!!

    1. Dear Uncle Paul,

      Putting on weight is great fun! Mind you I always lose it this time of year as I start to go for my really long walks, so it looks like Mummy is going to have to just keep the treats coming! Oh what a shame .... not!

      Paw splats,
      Arik xx

  2. Oh lucky Arik, having to eat more while Cherry isn't supposed to. I do hope the weather has got better for both of you today, it has got warmer here near Worcester and I was able to sit in the garden this afternoon.
    With love from "Auntie" TJ