Thursday, 23 June 2016


Dear Cherry,

What interesting weather we are having!  Sunny one minute, then clouding over, then thunder and lightening, then really oppressive heat, then torrential rain .... I find it very strange.  The other day Mummy took me to the beach where it was beautiful and sunny, but when we drove back home to Godshill, it was cloudy, cold and drizzly!  How can than happen?  I thought the weather was the same wherever we went?

Anyway, there were distant rumbles of thunder when Mummy took me to our favourite beach yesterday evening.  We had the beach to ourselves too, so Mummy let me off lead for a zoomie.  I didn't zoom much really.  Just a quick dash, have a wee, then walk back to Mummy who was waiting for me to make sure I didn't lose sight of her.  I'm not really interested in running any more.  I must be getting old, I am going to be 7 next month.  Mummy still calls me her "teenager" though and I know she will love me all my life, even when I am a really old dog, so I'm not that worried.

Sorry, I've gone off the race track a bit.  I was going to tell you about our thunder.  Have you ever experienced thunder Cherry?  The first time I did my Mummy got really excited.  Took me over to the window where she was watching the lightening and told me how fantastic it was.  She was really happy that I could watch the lightening with her and listen to the thunder.  This made my tail wag and I decided that if it was something Mummy loved, it must be good.  Consequently I'm not frightened of it like a lot of my other doggy friends are.

So there we were on the beach, having a lovely walk when we heard it.  A distant rumble of thunder.  Mummy immediately got all excited and said to me "Listen Arik!  It's thundering!"  I could feel she was getting excited.  The more we walked, the louder it got.  Mummy was very pleased indeed.

Last night the storm came.  Although Mummy says it was "pathetic" compared to the storms she remembers from when she was a puppy-human.  Anyway, I'm laying on Mummy's bed with her.  She has the curtains open and the window so she can see the lightening and hear the thunder, but I could sense she was a bit disappointed.  So I started to feel bored with her.  I even got up at one point, looked out the window, yawned, then settled back down to sleep again.  If my Mummy wasn't interested, then there was no point in my staying awake either.

Today the weather here is even more hot, sticky and oppressive than it was yesterday.  Mummy said that storms are supposed to clear the air and make it cooler, so I guess the thunder we had last night really wasn't as good as Mummy said she remembers it being when she was young.

Remember Cherry.  Thunder CANNOT HURT YOU!  It's just noise.  I know the same can be said for fireworks, but that's a different type of banging noise altogether and not in the least bit natural, so I do tend to shake when that's going on.  But thunder is ok.  It's just Mother Nature sorting herself out and nothing to be afraid of, okay?

Love & Licks,


  1. Dear Arik,
    I don't know what thunder is yet as Mummy says there hasn't been any since I lived with her, which is almost two whole years!
    Mummy doesn't like thunder, but she said she'll be brave so that I don't get scared - us sensitive houndies do pick up on our hoomans' moods and feelings.
    Mummy went to her meeting again today, and I spent the morning with Daddy. I'm down to 32kg now, and Mummy was pleased because she lost four pounds too.
    If we get any thunder, I'll let you know if I was frightened or not.
    Cherry xx

  2. Hello Arik and Cherry,
    I really love reading about your adventures. Keep them coming please! xxx