Tuesday, 19 July 2016

My Little Holiday

Dear Arik,
What an exciting few days I've had.
We went away in the motorhome and I got to sleep on the bed with Mummy and Daddy every night. Even though they put my bed on the floor beside them, they let me stay.
We stopped at a campsite in a place called Stratford-upon-Avon, which was right beside the river, and had a big dog walking field. 

Arik, you'd have loved it, there were so many things to sniff. It was a big campsite, full of people, and most of them had dogs, so you can imagine how many weemails I had to check out!

Guess what we did one day? We went on a small boat. It was a river taxi, which took us into the town centre. It was only small, just seven people can sit in it, but I was a really good girl. Mummy was a bit worried about me getting on because it bobs about as you step in it, but I just walked on and laid down beside Mummy. It was such a nice trip, I went to sleep!

Getting off though, my back leg slipped down between the boat and the jetty, but I was okay.

Mummy says I'm good at this travelling lark, whatever we go on I take it all in my stride.

We had a nice walk around the town centre and lots of people spoke to me, especially foreign tourists.

When Mummy was waiting for Daddy to bring out some coffees, a Japanese family stopped to see me. I don't think they'd ever seen a greyhound before, and the girl asked if I could talk. Mummy was naughty and said yes. The girl was amazed and thought I was magic or something. Her dad asked if they could touch me, and they took photos. Then the girl said to Mummy, 'So she can talk?' Mummy laughed and said no.

The Japanese man found it very funny that Mummy had teased his daughter, and laughed his head off. It was such fun.

Mummy took photos of me and Daddy standing outside a house that a man called Shakespeare used to live in. I don't know who he was, but his house was very old, and he was someone quite important I think. 

On the boat back, there was a couple whose dog Candy has her own Facebook page, so Mummy told them about our blog.

We stayed at another campsite after that, in an orchard, and Daddy parked by a lovely big apple tree. But it was too hot, so we came home the next day.

I hope we go away again. Mummy says we will, but not until it's cooler because she doesn't like the heat and it's bad for me.

I hope you're keeping nice and cool, Arik.

Love and licks, Cherry xxx

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Lucky Dogs

Dear Arik,

Sounds like you had a lovely birthday, with cake and presents, lucky boy.

I like getting presents. Yes I do open them myself. Mummy gives them to me and I have almost as much fun ripping the paper off as I do killing my new toys.

Mummy says thank you but she'll pass on the sardine cake because it's got flour in and they don't give me anything with wheat in it because it gives me a runny tummy.

Since I've been eating less food and lots of vegetables, my tummy is in such good condition, so Mummy wants it to stay that way.

I was running around the house this morning, having one of my mad five minutes, and I hit my face on the back of Mummy's office chair. I almost knocked myself senseless. Mummy says that wouldn't be hard to do as I don't have much sense anyway. It certainly stopped me in my tracks, that's for sure, and when I'd taken a few seconds to recover, I shook myself. 

Mummy says she doesn't want to wish my life away, but she hopes I'll calm down soon. I'll be four in October, so maybe I'll slow down a bit. 

Daddy said in a couple of weeks it's my gotcha day. Two years I've been with them now. Two lovely, happy, wonderful years. Mummy says it feels like she's always had me and she can't imagine life without me now. Daddy said neither can he, and he's so glad we all chose each other.

We are both such lucky dogs, aren't we?

I'm excited. They were saying something about going away in the motorhome on Friday for a few days. I love going out in the motorhome. We go to new places and there's always lots to sniff and explore, and best of all, I get to sleep on the bed with them both. I'm supposed to sleep on the floor, but I always gently jump onto the bed and they let me stay.  

Daddy laughed at me yesterday because he went into their bedroom and found me in their bed under the duvet. Oops! I didn't mean to get in, but I kicked the cover back a bit so I could get more comfortable, and somehow found myself underneath it. It was all soft and comfortable, and smelled of them, and I just kind of drifted off to sleep. Mummy took a photo.

Ooh, gotta run, I've just heard a yoghurt pot being opened, if I run and get there quick, I might be able to have some.

Catch up soon,

Love, Cherry xx

I'm such a lucky boy!

Dear Cherry

I'm 7 years old now!  Can you believe it?  I don't feel 7.  I still feel like a puppy on the inside.

It was my birthday on 11th July and Mummy made it really special.  Firstly she made me two Sardine Cakes!  I love her Sardine Cake.  It's so yummy!  I nearly ate a whole one in the space of half an hour!   (It's addictive).

Then Mummy brought out a bag of presents!  I had 4 parcels to open.  Do you open your own presents Cherry?  I love ripping paper so I always open my own gifts.  I had a large cuddly Monkey, a Tiger, a rather flat looking Squirrel that looked like it had already been runover by a car, and a cuddly chocolate doughnut.  They ALL have squeakers in too!  I had such fun unwrapping them and giving them all a good chew.  Surprising as it may sound, I haven't completely annahilated them yet.  They are all still relatively intact.  Then again, the weather has been good so I've been going out with Mummy a lot.  I tend to rip my toys to shreds to amuse myself when the weather is really bad and I refuse to go out.  (I don't mind drizzle or a light shower, but heavy, driving rain that soaks you in seconds and chills you to the bone is something I won't entertain).

Anyway, I had a very enjoyable birthday, but don't feel any different to when I turned 6 last year really.  The only thing I'd say is that I've slowed down ever so slightly.  It's not that I can't zoom around the house like a hound possessed, I just no longer see the point.

I hope you like the photos of my cakes and presents.  I'm sure my Mummy will give your Mummy the cake recipe if you ask her.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Love & Licks
Arik  xxx

Monday, 4 July 2016

No more zoomies

Dear Cherry,

I was a bit naughty on my walk with Mummy this evening.  I ran away and didn't come back.

You see I had been in all day with Daddy (don't ask me why he didn't take me for a walk in the day, but he didn't) because Mummy had to go to town to sort out her mobile phone.  It had stopped working last night and then had a strange screen appear this morning  saying the "Device memory and software are corrupted. Return to factory settings."  So Mummy took her phone to the phone shop hoping they could fix it.  Sadly there was nothing they could do, so Mummy ended up getting a new phone.  By the time she'd done all that and got home again it was teatime, so I was very frustrated and had lots of pent up energy.

This evening we went for a long walk along the revetment between Shanklin and Sandown.  The tide was out so Mummy took me down onto the beach and let me off the lead.  I normally stay within the area between the two sets of groynes near Mummy, but it felt so good to be out in the fresh air that I ran up to the sea wall, up the steps and started making my way along the revetment.

I could hear Mummy calling me, but I was having so much fun I didn't pay any attention.  There were just too many sniffs!

Anyway, I saw Mummy come back up the beach so she was on the revetment with me but I was still a good distance away from her.  She called me and I did start to run to her, but then I caught the scent of something really interesting on the way and turned back to investigate.  That was when Daddy caught hold of me and held me still while Mummy caught up with us.

She put my lead back on my harness and said "Sorry Arik but your zoomie privileges are hereby recinded.  If I can't trust you to come back, you won't be allowed off lead at all.  I can't risk losing you."  She didn't sound cross, more ..... hurt and disappointed in me, which is worse.  She went on to say something else about "blotting my copy book" but I don't know what that means.

I wish I hadn't run off now.  It seemed like a good idea at the time and such good fun, but I think I really scared Mummy and hurt her feelings.  Although she kept her voice calm, didn't shout, and just encouraged me back by opening her arms like she does when I normally run back to her, I could tell by the look in her eyes that I'd frightened her.

So I think Mummy will keep me on the lead at all times now.  I don't mind so much.  I trust her that it's for my own good.  I just wish I could tell Mummy how sorry I am.

Love & Licks
Arik xxx

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Buried Treasure!

Dear Cherry,

Mummy took me to the disused railway line from Horringford Station at Arreton to Langbridge and back for our walk today.  Do you remember it?  It's the track we took you to see when you were here last year.  Where we all stopped for lunch at the little cafe called "Peddlars".

Anyway we'd got all the way to the café and were heading back again, towards the car, when I spotted it!  All fluorescent yellow and lovely .... a whole tennis ball!  I stuck my head in the long grass and grabbed it just as Mummy was asking me "What have you found Arik?"  I dropped it on the ground to show her and she seemed just as excited as me, as she said "Ooh wow!  A whole tennis ball!"  The best bit?  Mummy let me keep it!  I carried it all the way back to the car.  Once we got back to Mummy's car though, I dropped it in favour of a nice bowl of cold water.  Mummy picked it up though and has put it somewhere safe, so no doubt she will let me have it back when we go out again.

Mummy said the weather is "just right" today too.  Beautiful sunshine, but with a strong cool breeze.  So I'll send you some of our weather if you like?  Can I post weather Cherry?  Mummy doesn't think I can.

We are home now and I'm having a well deserved snooze to recharge my batteries after my tennis ball excitement.

Love & Licks
Arik  xxx

Friday, 1 July 2016

My Day Out...

Dear cousin Arik,

Mummy took me into Pets at Home today while Daddy went to Argos. 

Someone had spilled lots of little biscuits from the dog treat bowl on the counter, but I was a really good girl and helped to clear them all up. It made Mummy laugh because I was running around collecting them all, and she said I looked like a doggie Hoover, whatever that is.

Then I went into Argos to meet Daddy. I was allowed in the shop. They had a nice floor, so I decided to make myself comfortable and lay down on my side as if I belonged there. It made all the hoomans laugh.

I like making people laugh, it's nice to see them happy.

On the way home, Daddy stopped at the local woods to take me for a walk. I got out of the car, and Mummy praised me, as usually, I just sit in the boot, shaking. We'd only walked a couple hundred meters though and I turned around and headed back to the car.  Mummy and Daddy wondered why I wouldn't walk any further. I can't tell them why, I don't even know myself really, I just don't like it there. It makes me feel scared and unhappy. There's a forest we used to go to, that often had gunshot noises, which frightens me, so we don't go there anymore, maybe these woods remind me of that, I don't know.

Mummy said she trusts my instinct. If I don't like something or someone, it's for a reason, so she promised they won't take me there again.

What are we to do about this weather? Mummy said people can't make their minds up because they complain when it's hot, and now they are complaining that it's not! I don't understand people at the best of times, so it's no use asking me!

I wish it would get warmer though because I like lying out on the patio. Daddy bought a ginormous umbrella thing that provides lots of shade so I can lie out there for longer. He said he bought it so they can sit at the garden table without getting too hot, but I know he bought it for me really.
But, since it arrived, it's rained and been cold!

I hope we do have that Indian summer you mention, whatever that is, it sounds like fun. I wonder if it involves the food my hoomans eat called curry? 

I've just had my dinner - it wasn't curry - and I'm now doing my favourite thing, lying on Mummy and Daddy's bed. I think I'll stay here for an hour or so...

Chat again soon,

Love and licks, Cherry xxx

Where is Summer?

Dear Cherry,

Where has the summer gone?  It is the 1st July today isn't it?  Or have we skipped straight through to October?  Oh no!  If it's actually October, I've missed my Mummy's birthday! 

It's been cold and wet here for days and I'm so booooored with it!  I know cooler weather means I can go out with Mummy during the day, instead of having to wait until the evening, but it's not pleasant when we go out anyway.

Mummy says we might get an 'Indian Summer' later in the year instead.  What does that mean?  I'm not moving to India am I?  Or is someone sending it in the post?  Will Mummy have to sign for it?  I'm so confused.

I suppose this cold, wet weather is good for one thing.  Extra cuddles!  Mummy is staying on her bed with me lots, just cuddling me while she reads her book.  So that's lovely.  I'm sure she would still rather be taking me for an interesting walk somewhere though.  She loves to watch me sniff new things when we are out.

Hmmmm .... Mummy is stroking me now and it's making me sleepy so I'll sign off now.   Hmmm ..... a whole blog post about the weather, I am most definitely an English hound!

Love & .... Zzzzzzzz
Arik  xxx zzzzz