Saturday, 2 July 2016

Buried Treasure!

Dear Cherry,

Mummy took me to the disused railway line from Horringford Station at Arreton to Langbridge and back for our walk today.  Do you remember it?  It's the track we took you to see when you were here last year.  Where we all stopped for lunch at the little cafe called "Peddlars".

Anyway we'd got all the way to the café and were heading back again, towards the car, when I spotted it!  All fluorescent yellow and lovely .... a whole tennis ball!  I stuck my head in the long grass and grabbed it just as Mummy was asking me "What have you found Arik?"  I dropped it on the ground to show her and she seemed just as excited as me, as she said "Ooh wow!  A whole tennis ball!"  The best bit?  Mummy let me keep it!  I carried it all the way back to the car.  Once we got back to Mummy's car though, I dropped it in favour of a nice bowl of cold water.  Mummy picked it up though and has put it somewhere safe, so no doubt she will let me have it back when we go out again.

Mummy said the weather is "just right" today too.  Beautiful sunshine, but with a strong cool breeze.  So I'll send you some of our weather if you like?  Can I post weather Cherry?  Mummy doesn't think I can.

We are home now and I'm having a well deserved snooze to recharge my batteries after my tennis ball excitement.

Love & Licks
Arik  xxx


  1. We used to like Arreton Barns but the last time we visited it had changed somehow. I expect you will be playing with your 'new' tennis ball soon Arik

  2. Hi Arik,
    A whole tennis ball ! WOW. That is the perfect thing to have found today, seeing that it is "Middle Saturday" at Wimbledon, which you may not know is a very important tennis match for hoomans. It goes on for 2 whole weeks. I hope your tennis ball lasts as long.
    With love from Cherry's Auntie TJ