Friday, 1 July 2016

My Day Out...

Dear cousin Arik,

Mummy took me into Pets at Home today while Daddy went to Argos. 

Someone had spilled lots of little biscuits from the dog treat bowl on the counter, but I was a really good girl and helped to clear them all up. It made Mummy laugh because I was running around collecting them all, and she said I looked like a doggie Hoover, whatever that is.

Then I went into Argos to meet Daddy. I was allowed in the shop. They had a nice floor, so I decided to make myself comfortable and lay down on my side as if I belonged there. It made all the hoomans laugh.

I like making people laugh, it's nice to see them happy.

On the way home, Daddy stopped at the local woods to take me for a walk. I got out of the car, and Mummy praised me, as usually, I just sit in the boot, shaking. We'd only walked a couple hundred meters though and I turned around and headed back to the car.  Mummy and Daddy wondered why I wouldn't walk any further. I can't tell them why, I don't even know myself really, I just don't like it there. It makes me feel scared and unhappy. There's a forest we used to go to, that often had gunshot noises, which frightens me, so we don't go there anymore, maybe these woods remind me of that, I don't know.

Mummy said she trusts my instinct. If I don't like something or someone, it's for a reason, so she promised they won't take me there again.

What are we to do about this weather? Mummy said people can't make their minds up because they complain when it's hot, and now they are complaining that it's not! I don't understand people at the best of times, so it's no use asking me!

I wish it would get warmer though because I like lying out on the patio. Daddy bought a ginormous umbrella thing that provides lots of shade so I can lie out there for longer. He said he bought it so they can sit at the garden table without getting too hot, but I know he bought it for me really.
But, since it arrived, it's rained and been cold!

I hope we do have that Indian summer you mention, whatever that is, it sounds like fun. I wonder if it involves the food my hoomans eat called curry? 

I've just had my dinner - it wasn't curry - and I'm now doing my favourite thing, lying on Mummy and Daddy's bed. I think I'll stay here for an hour or so...

Chat again soon,

Love and licks, Cherry xxx


  1. So it is your Daddy who is to blame for the nasty wet cold weather we are having. He shouldn't have bought the umbrella. I nearly bought one and then decided not to. I am glad your Mummy doesn't make you go to the wood if there is something that you don't like about it. She is a lovely Mummy, I know.
    Love from Auntie TJ

    1. Thanks auntie TJ. I do hope we have some nice weather soon so we can go out in the motorhome. I like it in there. Xx