Wednesday, 13 July 2016

I'm such a lucky boy!

Dear Cherry

I'm 7 years old now!  Can you believe it?  I don't feel 7.  I still feel like a puppy on the inside.

It was my birthday on 11th July and Mummy made it really special.  Firstly she made me two Sardine Cakes!  I love her Sardine Cake.  It's so yummy!  I nearly ate a whole one in the space of half an hour!   (It's addictive).

Then Mummy brought out a bag of presents!  I had 4 parcels to open.  Do you open your own presents Cherry?  I love ripping paper so I always open my own gifts.  I had a large cuddly Monkey, a Tiger, a rather flat looking Squirrel that looked like it had already been runover by a car, and a cuddly chocolate doughnut.  They ALL have squeakers in too!  I had such fun unwrapping them and giving them all a good chew.  Surprising as it may sound, I haven't completely annahilated them yet.  They are all still relatively intact.  Then again, the weather has been good so I've been going out with Mummy a lot.  I tend to rip my toys to shreds to amuse myself when the weather is really bad and I refuse to go out.  (I don't mind drizzle or a light shower, but heavy, driving rain that soaks you in seconds and chills you to the bone is something I won't entertain).

Anyway, I had a very enjoyable birthday, but don't feel any different to when I turned 6 last year really.  The only thing I'd say is that I've slowed down ever so slightly.  It's not that I can't zoom around the house like a hound possessed, I just no longer see the point.

I hope you like the photos of my cakes and presents.  I'm sure my Mummy will give your Mummy the cake recipe if you ask her.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Love & Licks
Arik  xxx

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