Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Lucky Dogs

Dear Arik,

Sounds like you had a lovely birthday, with cake and presents, lucky boy.

I like getting presents. Yes I do open them myself. Mummy gives them to me and I have almost as much fun ripping the paper off as I do killing my new toys.

Mummy says thank you but she'll pass on the sardine cake because it's got flour in and they don't give me anything with wheat in it because it gives me a runny tummy.

Since I've been eating less food and lots of vegetables, my tummy is in such good condition, so Mummy wants it to stay that way.

I was running around the house this morning, having one of my mad five minutes, and I hit my face on the back of Mummy's office chair. I almost knocked myself senseless. Mummy says that wouldn't be hard to do as I don't have much sense anyway. It certainly stopped me in my tracks, that's for sure, and when I'd taken a few seconds to recover, I shook myself. 

Mummy says she doesn't want to wish my life away, but she hopes I'll calm down soon. I'll be four in October, so maybe I'll slow down a bit. 

Daddy said in a couple of weeks it's my gotcha day. Two years I've been with them now. Two lovely, happy, wonderful years. Mummy says it feels like she's always had me and she can't imagine life without me now. Daddy said neither can he, and he's so glad we all chose each other.

We are both such lucky dogs, aren't we?

I'm excited. They were saying something about going away in the motorhome on Friday for a few days. I love going out in the motorhome. We go to new places and there's always lots to sniff and explore, and best of all, I get to sleep on the bed with them both. I'm supposed to sleep on the floor, but I always gently jump onto the bed and they let me stay.  

Daddy laughed at me yesterday because he went into their bedroom and found me in their bed under the duvet. Oops! I didn't mean to get in, but I kicked the cover back a bit so I could get more comfortable, and somehow found myself underneath it. It was all soft and comfortable, and smelled of them, and I just kind of drifted off to sleep. Mummy took a photo.

Ooh, gotta run, I've just heard a yoghurt pot being opened, if I run and get there quick, I might be able to have some.

Catch up soon,

Love, Cherry xx


  1. Dear Cherry,

    I agree we are very lucky hounds indeed.

    I can hardly remember my life without Mummy now. We have been together three and a half years. Although there must be something in the back of my mind about being in a cage because I really didn't like the idea of going in your crate when I visited. I know I stuck my head in, but I just couldn't bring myself to go in all the way. Mummy said it was proof I wouldn't survive in any kind of kennel environment now, not that she plans on sending me away mind you.

    You are so lucky that your Mummy and Daddy have a motorhome. I think Mummy and I would have lots of trips away if she had one. She loves taking me to new places. She says her pleasure comes from watching me discovering new things.

    Sorry you can't have any Sardine Cake. Ah well, I'll just have to eat your share. Hee, hee!

    Well I'm just back from a walk. I've had my post walk treat, got my new toys out and now I'm going to have a snooze.

    Love from Arik xx

  2. Hi Arik, It sounds like you had a lovely birthday. Strangely enough, my Mummy used to make me sardine cakes, and very occasionally I make them for myself. I didn't know dogs liked them too. They are delicious.
    Cherry, ask your Mummy if she could make them with rice flour? That may be better for your tummy.
    Love to both of you from Auntie TJ