Tuesday, 19 July 2016

My Little Holiday

Dear Arik,
What an exciting few days I've had.
We went away in the motorhome and I got to sleep on the bed with Mummy and Daddy every night. Even though they put my bed on the floor beside them, they let me stay.
We stopped at a campsite in a place called Stratford-upon-Avon, which was right beside the river, and had a big dog walking field. 

Arik, you'd have loved it, there were so many things to sniff. It was a big campsite, full of people, and most of them had dogs, so you can imagine how many weemails I had to check out!

Guess what we did one day? We went on a small boat. It was a river taxi, which took us into the town centre. It was only small, just seven people can sit in it, but I was a really good girl. Mummy was a bit worried about me getting on because it bobs about as you step in it, but I just walked on and laid down beside Mummy. It was such a nice trip, I went to sleep!

Getting off though, my back leg slipped down between the boat and the jetty, but I was okay.

Mummy says I'm good at this travelling lark, whatever we go on I take it all in my stride.

We had a nice walk around the town centre and lots of people spoke to me, especially foreign tourists.

When Mummy was waiting for Daddy to bring out some coffees, a Japanese family stopped to see me. I don't think they'd ever seen a greyhound before, and the girl asked if I could talk. Mummy was naughty and said yes. The girl was amazed and thought I was magic or something. Her dad asked if they could touch me, and they took photos. Then the girl said to Mummy, 'So she can talk?' Mummy laughed and said no.

The Japanese man found it very funny that Mummy had teased his daughter, and laughed his head off. It was such fun.

Mummy took photos of me and Daddy standing outside a house that a man called Shakespeare used to live in. I don't know who he was, but his house was very old, and he was someone quite important I think. 

On the boat back, there was a couple whose dog Candy has her own Facebook page, so Mummy told them about our blog.

We stayed at another campsite after that, in an orchard, and Daddy parked by a lovely big apple tree. But it was too hot, so we came home the next day.

I hope we go away again. Mummy says we will, but not until it's cooler because she doesn't like the heat and it's bad for me.

I hope you're keeping nice and cool, Arik.

Love and licks, Cherry xxx


  1. Dear Cherry

    What fun you've had! I am quite jealous. I love the sound of the river boat, I think I would have liked that. I know I enjoy walking around the upper deck on the ferry that goes back and forth from the Isle of Wight. It's good to watch the world go by with a cool sea breeze blowing around my muzzle. I love it!

    I do so wish my Mummy had a motor home so we could go on big adventures too. It would be such fun. Still she takes me to different places for my walks here so it's not so bad.

    It would be great if we could all go to that dog friendly campsite together one day. I'd have to read all the weemails too (and leave a reply).

    Mummy has heard of that Shakespeare fellow. She said he wrote books. So he must have had a paper version of our blog or something.

    Well it's very hot here. Mummy is keeping me cool by having all the windows open and damping me down with cold, wet tea towels. She's talking about getting a hose for me though. Not sure I like the sound of that.

    Well, time for a chicken ice lolly I think.

    Keep cool dear Cousin.

    Love & Licks
    Arik xx

  2. Hey Arik,
    It would be so lovely if we all stayed at the campsite together. They had static caravans, so if you don't have a motorhome, you could stay in one of those, then we could have fun on the river taxi together, and go on the dog walk in the big field.
    Mummy says when she wins the lottery, she'll buy you a motorhome.
    Ooh, watch out for that hose, it gets you soaking wet!
    I'm lying on the hoomans' bed at the moment, trying not to melt, it's so hot. I much prefer the autumn and winter.
    Big kiss, Cherry xx

  3. Cherry,what a gorgeous time you have had. I envy you going on the boat, I love boats.
    Tell your Mummy that my house is a bit like Shakespeare's house - it is about the same age and also has beams everywhere. I hope that one day you may all come in the motor home and see it.
    Love from Auntie TJ