Tuesday, 30 August 2016


Dear Cherry

I cried in pain when I got up this morning.  It wasn't a full GSOD (Greyhound-Scream-Of-Death) by any means, more of a high pitched whine, but Mummy was out of bed and by my side in an instant.  I was impressed, as not only did I think she was still asleep, but she doesn't normally get out of bed that fast!

Anyway Mummy was by my side instantly and I leant on her for support.  I was licking my lips a lot and panting because I was so uncomfortable.  Mummy spoke to me so gently as she stroked me and I started to calm down.  She went to get my harness and together we slowly went down the stairs.  Cherry it was so painful.  Mummy took me outside and we walked around slowly for a while before she removed my harness. 

I walked about a bit and found some cat poo!  Bloomin cheek of it.  It's not like my scent isn't all over this garden.  So I pee'd on it.

I could hear Mummy preparing my breakfast but I really wasn't in the mood to eat so I just went into my basket in the lounge.  Mummy called me from the kitchen but I was just in too much discomfort to move.  She came to find me and brought my breakfast to me.  I turned my head away, I was in too much pain to eat.  Mummy put my breakfast to one side and gave me lots of fuss.  Then she offered me some of my food in her hand.  It was sardines!  My favourite!  I ate it.  Then Mummy offered me the rest of my breakfast bowl and I ate all that too!

Once I'd eaten I needed to use the garden again and I managed to go back outside by myself.  I tried to do a post toilet zoomie when I'd finished like I always like to do but I pulled up.  I couldn't do it.  It was too painful and I cried.  Mummy was back by my side in a heartbeat and I leant on her for support while she massaged my back leg and gave me Reiki.  After a few minutes we slowly walked back inside.  I stopped off at the kitchen for some water before we headed for the stairs.  Honestly Cherry it looked more like a mountain!

Mummy was by my side, waiting to see what I wanted to do.  I started up the stairs and Mummy was right behind me, ready to give me a helping push but I didn't need it.  I am now stretched out on Mummy's bed. 

Honestly Cherry, cramp is so painful!  I guess I had curled up in too much of a tight ball in my bedroom basket overnight and I just couldn't get my back leg to work properly this morning.  I am so lucky Mummy understood what was wrong and was able to help me.  I know she will always be there for me and she's told me that when she gets a place of her own, she's going to look for a bungalow.  She doesn't even like bungalows!  She has always lived in a house with stairs and "gone up to bed" but she says that for my sake she'd get a bungalow so I don't have to worry about stairs as I get older.  I love my Mummy so much Cherry.  She always puts me first.  I am such a lucky boy.

Love & Licks
Arik xxx

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  1. Dear Arik,
    I know how painful cramp is as I used to get it quite often. I would cry too, but my mummy and daddy, like your mummy, would be by my side immediately. They'd talk to me gently and rub my cramped leg muscles.
    Mummy started giving me these chicken flavoured tablets ages ago, and since then I haven't had cramp, so they must be doing something to help.

    We used to have stairs in our other house, but we don't in this one and it's much easier for me.

    Mummy never used to like bungalows, but since living in this single storey cottage, she's got used to sleeping on the ground floor.

    Try to make sure you stretch out from now on in your basket, better still, lie on your mummy's bed, you'll have lots of room then.

    Love and licks, Cherry xx