Wednesday, 21 September 2016

A Few Days Away

Dear cousin Arik,

We went away in the new motorhome last week. It took ages to get to the first campsite because there was an accident on the motorway.
A big cattle or sheep transporter had crashed - the whole front and windscreen was all smashed in as if it had rolled over several times.
Mummy was sad as she said the poor animals must have been injured or worse. Then she said maybe it was empty, but Daddy said no, the ramp that the animals walk down had been put out, so there probably were animals in it, poor things.

We eventually got to the site about 5pm. It was in a nice location, with a fishing lake and ducks.

As I was lying on my bed outside, getting some fresh air, a group of eight ducks came up to the van. Mummy laughed at my head moving around all over the place, and said I didn't know where to look first. They were all quacking and waddling about, and really, Arik, I didn't quite know what to do!

But they soon realised they weren't going to be fed and waddled off again. That's the first time I've seen ducks up that close.

Then I scared Mummy by suddenly doing a GSOD. Daddy and Mummy both rushed to see what was wrong, but couldn't find anything. Daddy decided it must have been a touch of cramp because I was lying on my leg. I'm not sure I even know why I did it now, silly sausage aren't I?

We only stayed the one night there because Mummy didn't like the shower/toilet facilities. The showers were the push button ones, but it took about five minutes before any hot water came through, and then it was only warm, and none of the toilets flushed properly. 

So, we drove to another campsite called Luckshall Park. It's right on the river in Hereford. I liked that campsite, so did the hoomans. Mummy said the showers are hot and the toilets flush properly. I'm glad I don't have to worry about things like that!
There's pretty flowers and bushes everywhere, nice green grass - with lots of sniffy things in it - and plenty of trees.  Mummy loves trees, she's got a lovely calm aura when she's around trees. 

Mummy and Daddy went to the cafe for dinner on the first night. I was such a good girl. I laid down on my mat that Mummy takes when we go out, and I stayed there. I didn't beg at the table for food or anything, even though there were delicious smells wafting about.

On the second day, we went for a long walk. It took ages because I had to stop all the time to sniff weemails left by other dogs. We walked through a wooded part first, along a narrow path, which then led out to a path alongside the river, and then into a big field which was planted with different crops like beans, so we were only allowed to walk along a path through the middle of it, but I didn't care, there was so much to sniff.

In the evening, Mummy took me for a walk around the campsite, and we saw the most beautiful sunset. The orangey pink sky, low down on the horizon, was reflected in the river, it was quite magical. Mummy took lots of photos but they don't show it as it really was.
I wish you'd been there with us, Arik, your mummy would have loved it.

It must be a good campsite because we stayed for several days. We'd made friends with the hoomans and doggy in the motorhome beside us, so on the third day, they came over for a cuppa and a chat. Their little dog is sweet, even Mummy liked it, and she doesn't usually like small dogs. It's a Bichon, but not one of those yappy ones. It's really nicely behaved. 

When they'd gone, we went for another long walk. I didn't like it there though and kept wanting to go back.
It was across the road from the campsite, up a long narrow path, into the camp's private woods. Mummy took some photos as it was high up and there's a view out over Hereford, but we didn't walk too far as she knew I didn't like it for some reason. 
In the evening a Facebook friend of Mummy's called Janice came to visit. She publishes our blog posts on her website each week, so your mummy knows her too. The hoomans all had a lovely chat, then Janice and Derek left, and we went to the cafe for dinner. It was very quiet, only two other couples were in there.

The next morning, it was raining, and Mummy wasn't very well - she forgot to bring her medication - so we came home. I like going away, but I must admit it's nice to be back on my own bed and the sofa again. 

Love and licks, Cherry xxx

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Busy times and yummy treats

Dear Cherry,

Mummy and I have been very busy since I wrote last.

Mummy's best friend Lynne made an unexpected visit to the Isle of Wight.  It was lovely for Mummy to see her and spend time with her friend.  They laugh a lot, at the silliest things.

On one lovely sunny day Mummy took Auntie Lynne and I to the seaside at Sandown.  We went to Mummy's favourite Witchcraft and crystal shop and then afterwards had a lovely stroll along the esplanade.  Auntie Lynne offered to buy Mummy a coffee and so we stopped at this little beach café.  Mummy and I chose a table where we could feel the sea breeze so I didn't get too hot.  When Auntie Lynne came back with the coffee's, she also had a little tub of ice cream - for me!  Oh Cherry it was so good!  It wasn't the yucky artificial Mr Whippy muck that's bad for doggies either, no, it was proper pure organic vanilla ice cream!  Mummy fed it to me with a little spoon so I didn't gobble it all at once and get muzzle freeze.  That also meant it lasted longer.  Mmmmm ..... yummy!

Once Auntie Lynne had gone back home, Mummy set about collecting more of her things from Daddy's house.  It's a slow process as Mummy has so many treasures to pack up.  But she now has her desk in the sun room next to Nanny's desk.  My memory foam bed is now next to Mummys desk, so that I can stay with Mummy when she's in there.

Mummy has collected all her grown-up colouring books and pencils from Daddy's house and put them away in a nice drawer that Nanny emptied for Mummy to use.  I sat next to Mummy on my mattress while she was knelt down sorting through her pretty things.  Then Mummy felt a bit peckish so she went to the kitchen and came back with Apple & Cheese!  Yes Cherry, cheese!  Oh I had to sniff Mummy's plate.  You know how I love cheese.  Anyway, as you can see by the photo, although my nose got close, I didn't steal any.  I waited patiently for Mummy to share it with me.  It was lovely.  She tried to entice me with a piece of apple too, but I don't like fruit so I refused it.

Well I'd better go for a snooze now.  All this writing has made me quite tired.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Love & Licks
Arik  xxx

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

A Nice Weekend, A Fright, and a Special Day.

Dear cousin Arik,

We've just had a lovely weekend.

Mummy and Daddy's friends came to stay - I've met them several times as they regularly stay with us, and it's always good fun.

They make Mummy laugh a lot, and I even had a chuckle at something Auntie Sandy said, you can see it in a photo at the end of this post.

The weather was okay so we went on lots of walks.
Mummy and auntie Sandy went all the way down to the river where we went with you and your mummy, do you remember? Down the big steep hill - where your mummy stopped to talk to the cows - and to the river at the bottom, where our mummies collected pieces of slate.

Then all the way back up again. We had to stop a couple of times though as it's such a steep climb.

Daddy and uncle Tony didn't come with us, Daddy doesn't like walking much, especially up steep hills!

We went to a garden centre on Saturday, and auntie Sandy bought me a pig's ear and some puffed chickens' feet - yum yum.

I like it when people visit, but it's always nice to have the house back to ourselves after too.

I had a fright yesterday when Daddy took me for my afternoon walk.

I'd stopped to have a sniff, and as I stuck my nose in the grass verge, a pigeon flew out of the hedgerow, all noisy flapping wings, making me jump out of my skin. Daddy jumped too because he wasn't expecting it.
I jumped right up into the air and landed back down on Daddy's foot - oops. He said, 'Ouch,' but laughed too. I always chase pigeons if I see them on the ground, but I couldn't have caught that one.

I wonder what it would be like to fly? Can you imagine having wings, Arik, and flying around high above the trees? I bet it's a lovely feeling.

It's a special day for Mummy and Daddy today, their anniversary.
Daddy took Mummy a cup of tea in bed and sat with her while they opened some cards. They've been married for seventeen years, which sounds like a long time.
Mummy said being married means that you've promised to love someone for the rest of their life, and share your lives together.

So that means I must be married to Mummy and Daddy too, because Mummy always tells me she'll love me forever, and I share my life with them.

Arik, you must be married to your mummy as well, because she made you the same promise. Aren't we lucky hounds :)

Ooh, it's almost lunchtime, I usually have a nice crunchy carrot when it's lunchtime.

I think we're going away in the motorhome again soon, so I'll tell you all about it when we get back.

Love and licks,

Cherry xxx