Tuesday, 13 September 2016

A Nice Weekend, A Fright, and a Special Day.

Dear cousin Arik,

We've just had a lovely weekend.

Mummy and Daddy's friends came to stay - I've met them several times as they regularly stay with us, and it's always good fun.

They make Mummy laugh a lot, and I even had a chuckle at something Auntie Sandy said, you can see it in a photo at the end of this post.

The weather was okay so we went on lots of walks.
Mummy and auntie Sandy went all the way down to the river where we went with you and your mummy, do you remember? Down the big steep hill - where your mummy stopped to talk to the cows - and to the river at the bottom, where our mummies collected pieces of slate.

Then all the way back up again. We had to stop a couple of times though as it's such a steep climb.

Daddy and uncle Tony didn't come with us, Daddy doesn't like walking much, especially up steep hills!

We went to a garden centre on Saturday, and auntie Sandy bought me a pig's ear and some puffed chickens' feet - yum yum.

I like it when people visit, but it's always nice to have the house back to ourselves after too.

I had a fright yesterday when Daddy took me for my afternoon walk.

I'd stopped to have a sniff, and as I stuck my nose in the grass verge, a pigeon flew out of the hedgerow, all noisy flapping wings, making me jump out of my skin. Daddy jumped too because he wasn't expecting it.
I jumped right up into the air and landed back down on Daddy's foot - oops. He said, 'Ouch,' but laughed too. I always chase pigeons if I see them on the ground, but I couldn't have caught that one.

I wonder what it would be like to fly? Can you imagine having wings, Arik, and flying around high above the trees? I bet it's a lovely feeling.

It's a special day for Mummy and Daddy today, their anniversary.
Daddy took Mummy a cup of tea in bed and sat with her while they opened some cards. They've been married for seventeen years, which sounds like a long time.
Mummy said being married means that you've promised to love someone for the rest of their life, and share your lives together.

So that means I must be married to Mummy and Daddy too, because Mummy always tells me she'll love me forever, and I share my life with them.

Arik, you must be married to your mummy as well, because she made you the same promise. Aren't we lucky hounds :)

Ooh, it's almost lunchtime, I usually have a nice crunchy carrot when it's lunchtime.

I think we're going away in the motorhome again soon, so I'll tell you all about it when we get back.

Love and licks,

Cherry xxx


  1. What an exciting walk that was - poor Daddy, it can't have been all that nice for him to have you land on his foot.
    Please give your Mummy and Daddy lots of love from me and congratulations on their anniversary. You had your two year one a couple of weeks ago, I remember it.
    Lots of strokes and pats,
    Auntie TJ

  2. Hi Cherry!

    Sorry I've taken so long to reply. Mummy has been busy moving things and she's been poorly too.

    Yes I remember the walk we went on where Mummy talked to the cows and where you found some slate. It's near to the place where Mummy decided to sit down in the middle of the road. That was so funny.

    Which garden centre did you visit? Was it the same one you showed me? With the big car park and lush grassy verge where I decided I needed to use the toilet? I liked that garden centre. So many interesting smells! I love the sound of puffed chicken feet, yum yum! Mummy managed to buy me a Turkey foot once, it was delicious but sadly she's been unable to source another one. Do they sell Turkey feet in your garden centre Cherry? If so, you absolutely MUST try one!

    It love the photo of you all laughing. You look like you've got the giggles. Such a beautiful photo. But then you are a very beautiful girl anyway.

    Well, time for me to have my midmorning Dentastix.

    I look forward to your next post, you have such amazing adventures.

    Love & Licks
    Arik xxx