Friday, 21 October 2016

Crunchy leaves and cobwebs

Dear Cherry,

The leaves are finally starting to fall off the trees here and this means lots of interesting sniffs buried under a crunchy layer of autumn loveliness!  Mummy enjoys watching me snuffle around, although she does keep an eye on me to make sure I don't decide to eat anything I shouldn't.

Despite there being a chill in the air, it's still not cold enough for me to need a coat yet.  Mummy isn't wearing a coat yet either and as the Greyhound rule is "If the human needs a coat, the hound needs a coat" we are both still happy to go out without one.

I can't believe it's nearly the end of October already.  Seems like only yesterday we were on holiday in your house!  Where has the year gone?

You know what the end of October means don't you Cherry?  Halloween!  Mummy asked her Facebook friend who makes hound collars to craft me a new one in Halloween colours.  It's black, orange and purple.  It's very smart indeed and has a sparkly moon and star charm to go with my tag that says "I belong to a Witch".  I'm very proud of my collar and people admire it when they stop to chat to us during our walks.

Talking of witches, did you see the big, bright full moon last week?  Mummy said it was a Supermoon which is something to do with it appearing to be larger and closer than normal.  Anyway, during the night of the full moon I was quite restless, so Mummy got up to let me out in the garden to play.  As it was a beautiful clear night, Mummy put on her long, thick dressing gown and came outside in the garden with me.  Trouble was, she somehow managed to walk head first into a huge cobweb!  Next thing she was dancing around all over the place thrashing her arms around, slapping herself in the face, shaking her hair and wafting the bottom half of her dressing gown around.  I thought it was a new game, so I ran around her doing zoomies!  It was great fun to dance with Mummy.  Mummy said her behaviour will have done nothing to dispel the myths about witches dancing under a full moon, which makes me wonder why she did it.  Still, at least she had some clothes on!  I think it may have had something to do with the big cobweb, but I'm not sure.  I'm not keen on cobwebs either, they tickle my face and make me sneeze but they don't make me dance like Mummy did.

Well I'll have a snooze now as I've just come back from a long walk down the disused railway line behind our house, and I'm feeling a bit tired.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Love & Licks
Arik xxx


  1. Dear Arik,

    Ha ha that made me laugh so much. The image of your mummy dancing around with a cobweb on her head.
    It reminds me if when my mummy was freaking out when a bat flew in our house.
    Aren't we lucky to have such fun with our mummies.
    We like this time of year too. Lots of leaves have fallen from the trees and they make a wonderful crunchy sound as we step on them.
    I've just been eating raw cabbage, that was crunchy too. Mummy said there might be a few horrible smells later, I'm not sure what she means though!
    Love, Cherry xx

  2. Dear Arik and Cherry,
    Yes, this is a wonderful time for dogs - and for hoomans who like walking through the crunchy leaves. My car is covered in them, as I park it under a plum tree.
    Cherry, when I next meet you, I will explain why your Mummy said there might be some horrible smells !!
    Arik, One day I hope to meet you and your mummy - shall I bring her a cobweb from my garden? I don't like spiders, they frighten me though I don't know why, but I love seeing the cobwebs with frost on them on a cold morning, they glitter like anything.
    Lots of love and pats to both of you.
    Auntie TJ

  3. Dear Arik and Cherry
    My name is Alfie and although we have never met I feel I know you very well because Mummy tells me your stories which she reads on her phone.
    Mummy often points her phone at me when I am trying to sleep or when I am doing fun things like zooming.
    I am not like you when it comes to crunchy leaves. I am scared of them, especially when Mummy and the little people insist on running through them and kicking them about. I can't see the fun in that!
    I like creepy crawlies, I chase spiders in the house and try to eat them. I do this with sleepy wasps too because this I think is fun but Mummy is always telling me off for it.
    Me and Mummy are off for a walk in the woods now. We're excited but I hope there aren't too many crunchies!
    Sniffy Nose greetings.