Friday, 7 October 2016

Where the wild things are

Dear Cherry

I think it's safe to say that Autumn is upon us and the sharp bite of Winter is just around the corner.  It's certainly cold enough for me to wear my blue indoor fleece jacket that we affectionately call my Blue Pyjamas.  It's not quite cold enough for Mummy and Nanny to put the central heating on, but being a sensitive greyhound, I'm feeling the chill in the air and need a bit extra during the afternoons and evenings.  I'm sure you know what I mean Cherry.

Colder nights also mean I snuggle up to Mummy on the sofa for cuddles.  She shares her favourite fleecy blanket with me.  I don't join Mummy on the sofa in the summer because I just get too hot.  It's a shame because I love her cuddles, so I make sure I make it up to her when the weather is colder.

Now I don't know if you have the same wildlife activity in your garden at night Cherry, or if you are even bothered about hunting wildlife like I am, but there are so many interesting noises outside at the moment.  The trouble is, these interesting noises only happen at night.  I can hear them, but Mummy can't, so I pace around the house and cry at the back door to let her know to let me out so I can investigate.  I think I got Mummy up about  four times the other night.  There was something shuffling about in one of the hedges and it was driving me nuts!  Mummy tried calling me inside but I have to confess I ignored her I was so intrigued by whatever it was in the hedge.  In the end Mummy came outside too and clapped her hands at me. I thought she was applauding me and wanted to play so I started to do really fast zoomie laps of the garden.  For some strange reason she wasn't impressed.  She managed to get hold of my collar when I stopped zooming and she ushered me back inside.  We went up to bed but about an hour later I heard the noises again.  I got up and went downstairs, calling to Mummy to let me out but she stayed in bed this time, so I kept calling.  Do you know what she did next Cherry?  She called down to me "Arik for goodness sake, just shut-up and come back to bed!"  I mean, how rude!  Shut-up?  Me?  I was only trying to save Mummy from the wild things and she tells me to shut-up!  I had to give up in the end because Mummy wasn't going to.  She can be very determined when she wants to be.  Anyway, I went back up to her room and curled up next to her on the bed.  She cuddled up to me then, put her arms around me, kissed my head and told me I was a "Good boy".  I had to admit that Mummy's cuddles were a much better way to pass the night than investigating the wild things in the garden, so I've not got up in the middle of the night since.

Well, I'll be signing off now Cherry.  Time for snoozes.

Love & Licks
Arik xxx


  1. Dear Arik,
    Ha ha, I don't think my Mummy would be too impressed with me getting her up at night so I could play in the garden either!
    Although on the occasions I've been poorly and needed to go out, Daddy has got up with me.
    I like chasing things too, especially pigeons and rabbits. I nearly yanked Daddy's arm off the other day when I saw a rabbit. I didn't mean to, but I was so excited.
    I like cosy blankets, pjs and cuddles this time of year.
    We've got our heating on because this house is very cold with the tiled floors. I wonder if you can get slippers for greyhounds?
    Love, Cherry xx

  2. Dear Arik, as winter has started to arrive I have taken to my bed and will only get up if I hear Mummy getting ham or chicken out of the fridge. Or maybe cheese. Or sausages. Or sardines. This is very good of Mummy cos she is a vegetarian! But she loves me a lot although I have only lived here for 8 months and when I first came I used to eat her books and steal her shoes
    But I am a good girl now. Stay warm. Love from Dixie.

  3. Oh Arik - your poor Mummy. We hoomans need to sleep at night, even though we do understand that you hear all sorts of interesting things then.
    I had two pussy cats (I know, I shouldn't mention them in your hearing!) and they used to go out in the night and then come back with the mice they caught and lie next to my bed (luckily they didn't get into it) and crunch the mice up :(
    I think at least you wouldn't do that, it is much nicer cuddling up to your Mummy than going out in the cold - especially if you haven't got your lovely smart blue coat on.
    So from now on, stay next to Mummy at night and sniff at things in the day time.
    Love and strokes.
    Auntie TJ