Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Brrrrr!!! It's really cold out there!

Dear Cherry

Thank you for telling me all about your Yule and Christmas celebrations.  Humans are funny aren't they?  Bring trees into the house, get presents for each other and bulk buy lots of food like the world is about to end.  And for what?  A roast dinner?  They don't usually make this much fuss for a Sunday roast. 

Anyway, I'm not complaining about the presents part because I got some too!  Mummy let's me rip the wrapping paper off myself and then take my new toy to my favourite rug by the back door.  It didn't take me long to pull the stuffing out and strew it all over the floor, but Mummy didn't mind.  She never minds when I wreck my toys.  She's a very understanding Mummy.

It's certainly getting colder outside now isn't it Cherry.  I have to wear my big, thick, purple coat for my walks now.  It's not so bad when it's sunny and we are in a sheltered spot, but if it's a bit windy, or if the clouds are coming over, it feels really cold.

The other day when Mummy and I were walking along the revetment the tide was in.  As it was quite windy, the waves were crashing over the wall.  Mummy just looked at me and said "Looks like we have to time the waves just right today sweetheart.  Shall we make a run for it?"  I wagged my tail at her because it sounded like fun.  It was!  Mummy waited until the waves went away from the wall a bit and then told me to run.  We ran together along the path to where Mummy could see the path was dry on the other side.  We made it just in time to hear the waves crashing back over the wall behind us.  It was lovely to run beside Mummy, she can go quite fast for a human, I was impressed.

Mummy has hung some funny looking food in Nanny's apple tree.  She says it's for the birds because it's Winter time and the local wildlife needs help to survive.  I'm so glad we have nice warm houses and soft comfy beds to sleep in Cherry.  I don't think I'd like to live outside like the birds Mummy is feeding.  Being in kennels was bad enough.

Talking of comfy beds, I think I'll go for a snooze in mine now.  I hope you've enjoyed my latest news.

With lots of Love & Licks,
Arik xxx


  1. Dear Arik,

    I love ripping the wrapping paper off my presents too, that's almost as much fun as the present itself.
    I'm glad we've got such nice Mummies, aren't we lucky?
    I'm snuggling up with Daddy on the sofa, I've had my CJs and think I'll have a snooze too.
    Keep warm,
    Cherry xx

  2. Ooh CJ's Cherry! I love CJ's. I usually have mine at bedtime.
    Yes ripping up wrapping paper is just as good as the present itself. It's such fun.

    Lots of love,
    Arik xx