Thursday, 22 December 2016

It's Been a While!

Dear cousin Arik,

It's been such a while since either of us posted a blog, but the winter months are rather boring and we don't do much, so there's nothing really to write about.

How have you been?

The weather has been okay here, we've had a few cold days, then it got warmer, but it's cold again now.
I don't mind the cold because I get to wear my nice fleecy coats, and in the evenings, Daddy makes a fire, which is warm and toasty. There's something lovely about watching the dancing flames of a real fire.

Daddy has put the cover on the motor home now, so we won't be going away in it until next spring when it's not so cold, or dark as early.

Talking about dark. Mummy got up in the dark yesterday morning and went and sat out on the patio. She said it was something to do with greeting the sunrise of Winter Solstice, which is the shortest day of the year. Also known as Yule or Midwinter, It marks the start of the increase in daylight hours.

I stayed on the bed with Daddy, I'm not daft!

Mummy enjoyed it though, and later, Daddy joined in with her when she lit candles on a log that she made.

I've just heard Daddy talking about taking me to the vet tomorrow. Uh oh!
I've got a lump on my back foot between my pads. Daddy thinks I've got something in it, and it might be going septic.
It doesn't hurt when I walk - I don't limp on it - but Daddy squeezed it earlier and I screamed, which made Mummy come running. So Daddy thinks we better get it looked at.
Mummy said she'll stay home, she's not good at things like that.
I wish you were here auntie Sara, you'd go with Daddy and hold me while I scream in your ear like last time when you stayed with us, do you remember? I am sorry about that, but my foot really really hurt such a lot.

It's something called Christmas in a couple of days, I wonder if that means nice tasty food or presents. Mummy said I'll have to wait and see!
Well, lots of people seem to be excited about it so it must be good, although Mummy and Daddy don't seem bothered.
Just in case it is something special, I'll wish you and your Mummy a happy Christmas, and hope you have lots of yummy things to eat.

I must go now as it's gone past my dinner time and my tummy is rumbling.

Hope to hear back from you, think of me at the vet's tomorrow!

Love and licks,
Cherry xxx

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  1. Hi Cherry,
    I do hope your paw will be ok, it is not nice if your foot hurts, so I am glad to hear it doesn't at the moment.
    Yes, I think you will find Christmas has nice thing to eat involved - I am sure you will get an extra carrot.
    And soon, as the days get longer, you will be able to go out later in the day, which will give you more time to wear your nice fleecy coats. And then, hopefully, one day, it will be warm enough that you won't need a coat.
    Lots of love to you and Arik.
    Auntie TJ