Tuesday, 30 August 2016


Dear Cherry

I cried in pain when I got up this morning.  It wasn't a full GSOD (Greyhound-Scream-Of-Death) by any means, more of a high pitched whine, but Mummy was out of bed and by my side in an instant.  I was impressed, as not only did I think she was still asleep, but she doesn't normally get out of bed that fast!

Anyway Mummy was by my side instantly and I leant on her for support.  I was licking my lips a lot and panting because I was so uncomfortable.  Mummy spoke to me so gently as she stroked me and I started to calm down.  She went to get my harness and together we slowly went down the stairs.  Cherry it was so painful.  Mummy took me outside and we walked around slowly for a while before she removed my harness. 

I walked about a bit and found some cat poo!  Bloomin cheek of it.  It's not like my scent isn't all over this garden.  So I pee'd on it.

I could hear Mummy preparing my breakfast but I really wasn't in the mood to eat so I just went into my basket in the lounge.  Mummy called me from the kitchen but I was just in too much discomfort to move.  She came to find me and brought my breakfast to me.  I turned my head away, I was in too much pain to eat.  Mummy put my breakfast to one side and gave me lots of fuss.  Then she offered me some of my food in her hand.  It was sardines!  My favourite!  I ate it.  Then Mummy offered me the rest of my breakfast bowl and I ate all that too!

Once I'd eaten I needed to use the garden again and I managed to go back outside by myself.  I tried to do a post toilet zoomie when I'd finished like I always like to do but I pulled up.  I couldn't do it.  It was too painful and I cried.  Mummy was back by my side in a heartbeat and I leant on her for support while she massaged my back leg and gave me Reiki.  After a few minutes we slowly walked back inside.  I stopped off at the kitchen for some water before we headed for the stairs.  Honestly Cherry it looked more like a mountain!

Mummy was by my side, waiting to see what I wanted to do.  I started up the stairs and Mummy was right behind me, ready to give me a helping push but I didn't need it.  I am now stretched out on Mummy's bed. 

Honestly Cherry, cramp is so painful!  I guess I had curled up in too much of a tight ball in my bedroom basket overnight and I just couldn't get my back leg to work properly this morning.  I am so lucky Mummy understood what was wrong and was able to help me.  I know she will always be there for me and she's told me that when she gets a place of her own, she's going to look for a bungalow.  She doesn't even like bungalows!  She has always lived in a house with stairs and "gone up to bed" but she says that for my sake she'd get a bungalow so I don't have to worry about stairs as I get older.  I love my Mummy so much Cherry.  She always puts me first.  I am such a lucky boy.

Love & Licks
Arik xxx

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

I don't understand

Dear Cherry

I've been agonising for days about how to put paw to paper to tell you my latest bit of news, as there is no easy way to say it.  I'm just going to have to blurt it out.

My Mummy and Daddy aren't together anymore.

I feel like it's somehow all my fault.  I feel as if my coming into their lives has somehow destroyed what they had before they adopted me.  Is it my fault Cherry?  Mummy says it isn't.  Mummy said that her and Daddy are just too different, and that she has changed a lot since her and Daddy got together, so that if anyone is to blame - it's her.  She explained that Daddy is too much of a free spirit.  That he likes complete freedom to just go off on a trip wherever he fancies for however long he fancies being away for.  She said he doesn't suit being "tied down" (whatever that means, I never saw Daddy being tied to anything), and so she has set him free. 

Mummy on the other paw, is the sort of human that is quite content to be at home.  She says that when her and Daddy got together, she liked to travel around a lot and see different places too, but that over the years she has settled down a lot and is now more than happy to stay where she is.  Mummy also told me that she has always wanted Me (a boy Greyhound) and that now I've come along, she feels complete.  So maybe it is my fault after all.   Maybe if Mummy hadn't found me, she'd still be travelling around with Daddy.  I don't know what to think Cherry.  It's all very confusing.

Luckily Mummy and Daddy are still friends.  They keep in touch regularly.  Daddy even came around for Mummy's birthday and gave her a lot of lovely presents.  Daddy still loves me too and gives me lots of fuss when he visits.

Mummy and I are now living in Nanny Karen's house.  Nanny loves having us around all the time and has told us that if we left she'd feel incredibly lonely.  Nanny's garden is huge with lots of lovely grass for zoomies.  She has also cleared out her larder cupboard so there is an entire shelf just for my food!  The big guest room at the back of Nanny's house is now Mummy's and My room.  It's very comfortable, and I enjoy sleeping with Mummy every night.

Although this is a very strange time, I still feel like the luckiest hound in the world.  Lucky that I still have my Mummy and a comfortable home.  I know a lot of hounds find themselves back in kennels when their Mummy's and Daddy's split up.  So I'm very fortunate that Mummy loves me so much that I can trust her to never leave me.

Mummy says that we will still come back to visit you soon.

Love & Licks
Arik  xxx

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Our Adventure

Dear cousin Arik,

Well, what an adventure we've had!

We went away for a few days in the motorhome, but just as the hoomans were trying to find a supermarket, Daddy said the clutch had gone.

I don't know what a clutch is, but whatever it was, it broke the motorhome.
We were stuck at the side of a road, on double yellow lines, and couldn't go anywhere.

Mummy said some rude words - the words she sometimes says when she's really upset - and took me outside for a walk.

Daddy phoned somebody, and a long time later - Mummy said it was an hour and a half - a man came with a truck thing to tow the motorhome away.

Mummy and me couldn't go in it though, but luckily, she'd contacted a friend called Yvonne who lived nearby, and she - with her husband Phil - came and took Mummy and me to the campsite.

Mummy didn't have any food, so the kind people took her shopping too.

Unfortunately, the shop never had my food, so Mummy had to get something else and it made me poorly. I didn't mean to wake them up in the early hours of the morning, but I had an upset tummy. Mummy said I was a good girl for waking them to say I needed to go out though.

Daddy spent ages - and lots of phone credit - trying to get someone to help mend the motorhome, but nobody could come until Tuesday, four days later!

So, we were stuck on a campsite in a place called Malvern. At least it wasn't raining!

Mummy must have been really bored because I had about six walks each day.

On Sunday, I met auntie TJ. She follows our blog, and is a Facebook friend of Mummy's. She came to visit us. I liked her, she's a nice hooman. Mummy and Daddy said she was lovely too.

They've invited her to stay, I hope she comes.

Then some hoomans on the next pitch went shopping and brought back some of my proper food, so my tummy settled down.

Tuesday finally arrived, and two men - they were young hoomans, not old ones like Daddy - came and mended the motorhome. It cost Daddy lots of money, but hurray, we could go home!

It was a long drive back, and really hot, but we finally arrived home at 6:30pm.

Mummy said she couldn't be bothered to cook, so we all went out to a pub for a meal. Last time we went there, I almost had a pussycat for my supper! It was coming out of the door as we went in.

I must say I'm glad to be back home again in my familiar surroundings. Mummy and Daddy's comfy bed, and the sofa where I snuggle up to Daddy each night.

I hope we don't go away again too soon, I don't think I - or Mummy - can take the excitement!

By the way, Daddy weighed me the other day, I'm now 31.4kg. Help, they're starving me! Oh what I'd give for a big piece of cheese or a digestive biscuit!

Love and licks, Cherry xx

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

My Second Gotcha Day

Dear Arik,
Today was my second gotcha day. Mummy explained that it's two years to the day that they brought me home.

Because I wasn't even two-years old when they got me, it feels like I've always been with them anyway.

I've had a lovely day. Mummy bought me a new pretty collar, and this morning she cooked me sausages. I was a bit of a naughty girl though.

Daddy cut the sausages up, and left them on the hob to cool. They went into the office and I went on their bed, then, when they were occupied, I got up and went back to the kitchen and helped myself to the sausages.

I know it was naughty but they were smelling so good. 

Daddy caught me though. He sneaked in the kitchen and it made me jump. I ran guiltily back to my crate as Daddy said, 'What do you think you were doing?'

Mummy laughed. She said they were mine anyway, so if I ate them all in one go, I just wouldn't have any more.

I also had a chicken wing and a new buffalo horn.

We've got a busy time coming up. Mummy's friend is coming to stay on Saturday. I've never met her, but Mummy's met her before. They've been friends for years, ever since they started playing the game Animal Crossing together.

Then next weekend, we're going away in the motorhome for a couple of days, and we are meeting auntie TJ. Mummy is excited; I am too because auntie TJ is our bestest blog follower.

Well, I'm going now as I just heard a bag rustling, that means food, so I'm off to see what they're doing, it might be something tasty for me!

Love and licks, Cherry xx

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Mini break at Nanny's

Dear Cherry,

Mummy and I are having a mini break at my Nanny Karen's house this week.

Daddy has people staying in My house, and when they came last year I got very stressed out.  I even ended up with heatstroke when they took me out all day on a hot day.  So this time Mummy has taken me away to keep me happy and safe.

I love staying at Nanny's.  She has a lovely big garden with lots of grass, perfect for zoomies.  Do you remember it Cherry?  Nanny also has a fantastic Food Room full of interesting things to eat, so I always follow her in there.

Yesterday Nanny and Mummy shared a cooked chicken from the supermarket.  Mummy picked the carcass clean and put some delicious scraps in a bowl for me.  She was really careful about bones but she must have missed one, because as I was eating my bowl of yummy deliciousness she suddenly said "No!", whipped the bowl away and stuck her fingers in my mouth.  Too late though, I'd swallowed it.  She now says she hopes "to see it come out the other end" - whatever that means.

The weather here is more like winter.  It is August isn't it?  We have just come back from a lovely long walk, but Mummy has been watching the weather since we got up this morning.  It's overcast but with that really fine, misty rain that soaks you through within seconds of going outside so I haven't wanted to go out.  I really don't like getting wet.  It makes me feel cold and yucky.  Anyway, Mummy waited for the wet stuff to stop before taking me out.  We managed a good 90 minute walk and got back to Nanny's house just as the wet misty stuff came back.  Perfect timing Mummy, well done!

I have two comfy beds to choose from here and I am also allowed on the bed in the guest room that Mummy sleeps in (naturally).  I love jumping up on the bed when Mummy is there and snuggling up for a cuddle, just like I do at home.

Well, mentioning beds has reminded me that I need a snooze so I'll sign off now.  I keep reminding Mummy that we need to come back to see you all soon.  She has promised me we will make another trip to see you.

Love & Licks
Arik  xxx